Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A day trip to New York City

My cousin G who lives in France visited us a few weeks ago. We made her one of Emilia's godmother and were so pleased that she made the trek to be here in person when we baptized our baby girl 2 weeks ago. You might remember her from when we attended her wedding in Paris 3 years ago. She also came to hang out with us at the airport in February when we were coming back from Cameroon. We don't get to see each other often because of the distance but we definitely try to make the most of every visit.

The one thing she really wanted to do while she was here for a week was visit New York City, you know you haven't been to America unless you visit NYC of course ;). I convinced her to make a day trip out of it and I packed baby girl and to NYC we went. Another cousin joined us on the trip to spend some quality time with G. It was an all girl's trip and it was so much fun.

G chilling with baby girl the day she arrived
Girls hanging out, baby girl doesn't seem impressed :). I love this picture of the 3 of us
The day after G came, we boarded a bus to NYC. Since she was just here for a few days, another cousin joined us on the trip so that we could spend some time together. I left the boys at home with hubby and only took baby girl with me on the trip. She is such a chill baby it's so easy to travel with her. She just went with the flow and chilled the entire time.

As soon as we arrived in NYC, we decided to have a late breakfast before we started our sightseeing adventure. It was also a great opportunity for me to pump. I figured it would be easier and more efficient to pump rather than to try to breastfeed every hour or two.

Pumping on the go and taking mirror selfies with my girls :).
And of course girls chilling together means selfie and duck lips :)
After our late breakfast, we hit the ground running. We only had 9 hours in the city and planned to make the most of it. The restaurant was a few steps away from Madison Square Garden so of course we had to take a picture in front of it. We are such tourists
We were only a few blocks away from the Empire State building so we stopped there for a photo op on our way to Times Square. I love this picture of us talking about I don't even know what. We always have so much fun together
Chilling in the Empire State Building with my baby girl in our matching bows ;)
After the Empire State building, we were off to Times Square. If you come to NYC and don't stop by Times Square, it's as if you didn't make it here :)
While in time Square you have to take funny face selfies of course ;). Don't mind us we were having way too much fun with selfies on this trip :)

I know, we are pretty ridiculous but check out my baby girl just sleeping the day away
I promised the boys I would bring them some M&Ms so we had to stop by the M&M store in Times Square. We got some awesome stuff for the kids and we were totally showing off our loot
I love this picture of me and my baby girl in Times Square
My cousin really wanted to go see the 911 memorial so we hoped on the train. We loved this red brick wall at 49th street so photo op it is

The 911 memorial
This is inside the building next to the memorial. It was pretty cool so we took a picture while we were there
We came back to Times Square to visit our other cousin who just moved into a new apartment in the city. A picture of the girls was in order of course
I love this picture with my cousins and the fact that baby girl is actually looking :)
Before we went back to catch the bus, we walked back to Times Square to get some NYC by night action. You can't beat the vibe of NYC, day or night, this place is always happening.
This is a blurry picture but I wanted to capture all of us at the end of our trip.
We got on the bus and passed out within minutes. It was such an awesome trip. I am so glad that we took this trip, we spent the day chit chatting and catching up on life. It was nice not chasing any kids while trying to connect. My cousin G was so happy that she got to visit NYC. I am just so happy that she made the trip here for Emilia's baptism. Our day trip to NYC was such a hit, until next time NYC.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic day trip! Love anytime spent in the city. Love all the pictures :)