Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back to school and sightseeing

It is that time of the year when all the kids go back to school. Our big boy Tman is off to first grade while our big boy Jbird is off to Pre Kindergarten. You guys, these kids are the proof that the days might be long but the years are really short. I can't even believe that we have a first grader in our house.

We really liked Tman's school from last year and though I wanted him to be in a French immersion program to improve his French, we decided that we rather have him in the same school since we loved it.

I always like to make everything a family affair but this time we decided to give Tman our undivided attention. We left the other kids at home and only took him. He was so happy. I think that was the best decision.

I present to you my first grader, my amazing first son on his first day of school
Chilling with my big boy in his class
Look at Tman copying his father posture, he is so cute

This picture just cracks me up, he was so excited to have us all to himself
A week later, it was Jbird's turn to start school. Jbird is in a Pre-K program full time to get him ready for Kindergarten. He attended the program part time last year and did amazing. His speech improved tremendously. We decided to keep him in the same program this year.

I present to you my big boys Tman and Jbird on Jbird's first day of school. These two are two peas in a pod. Jbird was scared until his big brother gave him a big hug. Tman was just happy that someone was wearing the same uniform as him :).
We now have 2 kids getting ready for school every morning, crazy I tell you
My amazing second born son Jbird who was unsure about all this first day of school craziness but did really well on his first day
We let Jbird take the bus from the daycare because we didn't want him to have a meltdown if we dropped him off. We planned to pick him up that way at least he was going home with us. My mom took the day off to be there for the pick up, she is amazing I know. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Between drop off and pick up, we took my cousins on a little sightseeing tour around the city. They were excited to see all the monuments that this great city has to offer. I love going on sightseeing tour around the city, I always end up being the one taking everyone to see the monuments.

Our first stop was at the White House of course ;)
And of course we did a jumping picture, these are my favorite :)
Then we checked out the World War II memorial
And the Washington monument
And the Lincoln monument. By this point we were spent, it's not easy walking around for hours with 3 little babies in the heat.
My mom really wanted a picture with the kids and the monuments. They were both passed out

After checking out the monuments we went to Jbird's school to pick him up. He was so excited to see us and we are so happy that we did pick up rather than drop off
Chilling with my Jbird on his first day of school
We tried to get a picture of everyone but it was a total failure :)
Back to school was a great success this year. The big boys got a great start and we are slowly adjusting to this new routine that includes school drop off and pick up. You guys, it is so much easier to manage these tasks because I am at home all the time. I am not even sure how this is going to work out when I am back at work. I am not going to worry about it right now, I still have over 2 months left at home before I go back to work. So happy for a successful back to school, now onto having a successful year.


  1. I can not imagine getting 2 kids together everyday, I know getting my 1 pre-k child together is alot. It is always nice to have a great group of girlfriends that you can hang with.

  2. So crazy to me that you were just blogging about their births. How is it possible that they are both in school! Time really does fly. Glad that the new school year is off to a good start :)

  3. I just love this so much! You are a super mom but of course you already know this! Also, your mom is AH-MAZING!!!
    Congrats to both boys on their first days of school. I hope they had a good week! Cheers to an awesome school year!