Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fun in the Summertime - the Labor Day edition

We had such a great weekend celebration for Labor Day this year. On Saturday and Sunday we hung out at home with our cousins visiting from England and it was glorious. On Monday, we took the boys to a local Labor Day carnival and they had a ball. We were a bit nervous about taking all he kids out by ourselves but I am so glad we did because they had a ball and the outing was a great success.

You guys, 4 kids is hard work and taking those said 4 kids anywhere is like herding cats. This was the first time we took all 4 kids anywhere by ourselves. It always takes over an hour just to get ready and getting in and out of the car is like pulling teeth. I know it will get better and frankly I am a glass full kind of person so I will always focus on the positive of any situation but man, managing 4 young kids is a daunting task. I am glad that I have an awesome partner who does not get fazed :). We got this 4 kids business, can't wait to have a great routine going.

Before we left for the carnival, we bribed our biggest boy Tman and told him that if we had any issues we would leave right away but if everything went well they would all be getting cotton candy :). You guys, a promise of candy is always a sure bet; my kids might not have any teeth left in a few years but we will survive these hard years.

 Tman was so well behaved which translated into his brothers being well behaved too, bribery works every time. The boys had a ball while Emilia slept the entire time.

We of course got a family picture as soon as we got there. I love my family and I am excited for all the adventures that await us
We let the boys choose the activities they wanted to do and frankly they wanted to do everything :). We started with the throwing dart game. Bean was too young for this plus he has no aim so Tman and Jbird took care of business
Check out hubby helping Jbird

After throwing darts, we went for a few rides. The boys got on this awesome car ride where all 3 could fit in one row. They loved it so much they did it twice

Hubby was in charge of the boys while I managed Emilia

My boys were so happy

After that ride, we found a carousel ride and Tman and Jbird couldn't wait to get on it. Bean had to sit this one out because we didn't have enough hands but he didn't mind
Check out our baby girl sleeping away in the baby bjorn. This girl can sleep for hours if I am holding her but try putting her in her bassinet and it's another story :)
After the rides we walked around the place to see what else was there. Jbird asked to throw baseballs at the bottles. We didn't think he could do it but he sure surprised us.

Then the boys wanted to shoot water guns. We didn't think they would have great aim but after a few practice rounds, Tman was a pro. Jbird still needed help so hubby stepped in to help him
The race was intense :)
Tman giving tips to his brother
Bean asked to join his big brothers and we let him. He had so much fun with it with hubby's help. Check out Tman's happy smile, Jbird strong hold on the gun and Bean trying to get out of the stroller to join the crew. My boys are hilarious
 I love this picture of the boys getting ready for their race
After we were done racing, we then went back for more rides. Jbird did one by himself and absolutely loved it. I was nervous that he might not do so well alone but again, he totally surprised us.
My happy Jbird on his bike ride
 Then Tman decided to join him

Poor Bean was too small for that ride so we went back to the ride with the car but Bean decided that he was done. We let Tman and Jbird ride it and knew it was time to leave before any meltdown occurred
The boys did so well at the carnival, not a single meltdown. It was 2 hours of total fun in the sun at the carnival and for that we kept our promise and rewarded them with cotton candy of course.

Hubby with his boys enjoying their cotton candy
Me and all of my babies
As soon as we got home, we took a well deserved and absolutely glorious 2-hour nap. Our day out at the carnival was such a great success. I am excited for many more fun days with my crew and even more excited for our baby girl yo join in on the fun.

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  1. You guys are so awesome. And I would do anything for cotton candy, lol. Glad you had a successful outfit with all four kiddos!