Monday, September 12, 2016

Emilia is 2 months

My baby girl turned 2 months old last Friday. It was another super fast month in our household. Emilia is now awake more and interacting with us. She now smiles on demand and we have so much fun making faces at her to get her to smile. She is also starting to have rolls all over her body and I am loving it. Her cheeks are so full just like her brothers were, we really only make one kind of child :).

I took a few pictures to celebrate her 2nd month of life and she was a total ham. She now smiles on demand and it is the cutest thing. I mean look at this beautiful happy baby smiling away :)

Emilia continues to be a great nurser and is growing like a weed just like her big brothers did before her. I am blessed with kids who are good on the boob and feed really well until of course they become toddlers. She was a beautiful 12lbs 11ozand 25in at her 2-month appointment. She almost doubled her birth weight and we are super proud of her

Half of her weight is in her cheeks I tell you :)

She is still not the best sleeper but we are getting a few more hours now. I gave in and took her to bed with me and we've been sleeping much longer stretches. I am such a happier more awake person since we made this move a few weeks ago, cospleeping works for us. I love sleeping next to this sweet face
When I took the pictures, Jbird and Bean were my assistant :). Every time Emilia made a sound they rushed to her to give her a kiss. I mean, how awesome are these big brothers. They melt my heart everyday with how sweet they are with our baby girl

This girl is so loved
We started tummy time and she was not loving it at first. We've turned it into a family affair and it's been better. The boys get on on the floor with her and pretend they are doing tummy time :).

On another note, we got her a pink mat for tummy time :). I am loving all the pink that has entered our house. Look at her holding her head up, those cheeks are really weighing her down :)
Check out Emilia watching Tennis with her daddy
Check her out hanging out with her big brother Tman
Love my people and the fact that baby girl is getting big enough to hang with us more
This girl looks exactly like her brothers did at this age I tell you. Without the bows and the girly stuff, she is like any of my boys. We really only make one kind of child and they are so beautiful :)
The second month was another one for the books. Baby girl is growing on target and we are so thankful for that. She is more awake everyday and wants to hang out with us more. We love every milestone that this girl is reaching and we are just so happy to have her here with us. Maternity leave is going really well and I am loving every moment I get to spend with my youngest babies. Happy 2 months baby girl, we love you to the moon and back.

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  1. Emilia!!! I just love love love her smile!!! She is soooo cute! Giving me baby fever over here!

    I love your planking with your baby. It is definitely a family affair :-).