Monday, August 29, 2016

Emilia gets lots of visitors

Our house has been bustling with visitors ever since our baby girl arrived. That is very typical of African families, a new baby means a great cause for celebration. Let me tell you there has been lots of celebration around these parts. We've loved having visitors and though it got overwhelming at times with getting some sort of routine with the kids and all, it's been so great to introduce baby girl to our family and friends

Family members traveled from overseas to come hang out with us this Summer and we are so grateful for this awesome family support. The sweetest has definitely been hubby's grandma who came all the way from England to spend a few months with us. The last time she was here was for our wedding 7 years ago and now she is here hanging out with all 4 of our kids. Is that amazing or what?

Emilia's firs 4 generations picture with hubby's dad and grandma, I love this so much
Hubby's mom and grandma hanging out with our baby girl
My cousin Sophia is here from London and she has been giving Emilia lots of cuddles
My aunt J is also here from Paris and spending lots of time with our sweet girl
My mom's friend came over to visit and all the kids cooperated for a group picture, yep those kids are all mine
My cousin Irene and Emilia chilling and relaxing, I used to change her diapers when she was little and now she is changing my baby's diapers. Circle of life I tell you
My friend HJ visited from California, the last time we hung out she was 19 weeks and I was 13 weeks and now we are holding our babies
Look at those future besties
And of course we got a group picture of everyone who came to visit
Me and my cousins hanging out with Emilia, just us girls
Irene wanted to carry Emilia in the baby bjorn but my baby was not impressed :)
My uncle E came to see the baby, don't mind Emilia's face she actually enjoyed the visit :)
My cousin A is here from London and he came with his wife and kid, check out the second cousins meeting for the first time
My cousin A holding our baby girl
Our family friend T also came to visit, we grew up in Cameroon and have know each other for more than 25 years
Our baby girl is one lucky lady because everyone wants to come visit her and shower her with love and kisses. We love visitors and how excited everyone has at the arrival of our Emilia. We are thankful for family and friends and our beautiful baby girl who is growing strong and healthy everyday.


  1. All this love and support for your family makes me the happiest. What a beautiful post. When Emilia sees this one day she's going to feel super special!

  2. Such a beautiful blessing. The gift of family. Emilia is a lucky girl! Beautiful post.

  3. Such a beautiful blessing. The gift of family. Emilia is a lucky girl! Beautiful post.

  4. Pure love all around. Emilia is surrounded by so much love!