Sunday, September 18, 2016

A wedding celebration for Lucie and Michael

A little over a month ago when Emilia was a mere 3 weeks old, we attended a wedding celebration for our family friends Lucie and Michael. They have actually been married for 10 years but had never had a Church blessing so they decided to celebrate their 10 year by having a celebration. We weren't sure if we were going to make it but since I had an awesome birth and delivery and was feeling pretty good, we decided to go. I am so glad we went because we had an awesome time.

Before we left the house we of course took a picture :). First outing 3 weeks after having our baby girl, we were only gone for 4 hours but it felt great to get dressed up and be adults for a bit.
Car selfies are always in order though hubby is never into them :). I was totally feeling myself with my red on :)

The details of the wedding were absolutely beautiful. The colors, the decorations and all the little touches were so nice. The lighting was not the best so the pictures don't do the wedding any justice but it was beautiful.

My mom was the maid of honor and my brothers were also invited to the party. It is always so nice to party with my peeps
My brother and his wife
Hanging out with my brother J
First dance :) :)
The beautiful couple in their African attire. I love the style they picked
Hanging out with my mom and my brothers
Mother and daughter :) :)
Hanging out with the groom at the end of the night
We had a great time celebrating Lucie and Michael. I am so happy that we were able to make it out to celebrate their special day, thank goodness for electric breast pumps. I love weddings particularly when they are family weddings.


  1. Gorgeous wedding!

    You look fabulous Pegs!! :)

  2. Beautiful couple! I can't believe how awesome you look at 3 weeks postpartum! WORK IT!!! Beautiful wedding. Your mom looks great!