Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We are back from Cameroon

We are back from our trip to Cameroon, woop woop. We've actually been back for a week but we were all jetlagged and tired for days. We took the longest and busiest trip of our lives with our 3 kids and made it back to tell the tale. It is hard traveling with little kids particularly when it's a far distance and you have to get on 2 different planes and deal with layovers. It was tough, but we are so happy that me made the trip to celebrate my brothers weddings.

I still have to sort through loads of awesome pics before I can tell you all about this awesome trip. The flights there and back were tough, I never puked this entire pregnancy but I made up for it all on this trip. The nausea turned into vomiting and there was nothing I could do about it. I should have taken that nausea medication my doctor recommended, oh well. We were all exhausted  because the days were long but they were so much fun.

The boys absolutely loved Cameroon, hubby didn't hate it but he definitely did not love the lack of basic amenities (water, electricity, wifi, you name it), and I just loved showing my boys around my hometown and taking them places where I grew up. All and all it was an amazing trip that we are not going to attempt again anytime soon :).

We were all smiles when we got on the plane ready for our adventure :). Oh hubby and his fake smile but are we good at this selfie business with 3 kids or what?
We hit the ground running and partied hard at my brothers wedding the day after we arrived. Loving our family in the traditional print
They are married
So many of our cousins traveled from Europe and America to be there and it was nice to hang out with all of them
We got dressed up for the evening. Aren't my boys just so adorable in their tux
We didn't get a family picture because it was just so hectic but hubby looked good in his attire too
My brother and his wife made an entrance :)

We slept like babies from the jetlag
Touring my hometown with my mom and my aunt
Look at this crowd of mine hanging out in a bistro, oh hubby and his fake smiles
We hung out with my dad who let the boys run around his house. I guess rules only apply to your own kids and not the grandkids
I took hubby to the high school I graduated from ;)
We also hung out at my grandparents house with my mom, aunt and grandma
In front of the house I grew up in
Walking my street with the family, I used to walk this way to school when I was younger. Ah the memories
We went to the village where we hung out with my cousins. None of us live in Cameroon anymore so it was nice to all meet up here for a happy occasion
We all hung out in my grandma's kitchen in the village, is this awesome or what
And we of course took a picture in front of my grandparents house. This is where my ancestors come from yall, so happy to have introduced my boys to my heritage
We visited my dad's house in the village
Then before we knew it we were in Buea for my other brother's wedding. Reunited with my niece. PS - this is what our family will look like when baby girl joins us this Summer, 3 boys and a girl
We hung out at my brother's H wedding the next day. I loved this print so much and the smiley faces on my babies
Hubby drank the palm wine for me to seal the deal between our family and my sister in law's family. I love that he got to experience some of our traditions first hand
After the wedding we were back in the city where we hung out with the grown ups while my mom watched the kids
We checked out the local markets, look at hubby in his element over there
Shopping with hubby :)
Then we ate some really delicious food. Seriously, African food is the best, totally not biased
Even hubby enjoyed his meal
 We hung out around town without the kids and it was epic
Hubby joined the guys at the local bar later that day, yep, he went native
And before we knew it, it was time to leave. More than 16 of us traveled from Europe and America to celebrate, how cool that we all have the same grandfather and grandmother :). We travel deep I tell you, I love my family
We had the longest layover in Paris so we got out and hung out with my cousin, it was so much fun and gave the boys a much needed break from the plane
I need to give mad props to my hubby who made this trip so memorable. It was his first time ever in Africa and he handled it like a boss. I love this man to pieces, he is the best partner in crime ever.
Overall, despite the minor hiccups, nobody got sick, nobody got hurt and everyone had an awesome time. I call this a win in my book. I definitely would not recommend traveling pregnant with 3 young kids, don't do it unless of course your brothers are getting married then there's no way to get around that. We are clearly mad :). Our trip to Cameroon was epic and I must say I look forward to taking all my kids back when they are a bit older and can really enjoy all that Cameroon has to offer.


  1. What an amazing trip! I love the traditional wear, you wore them so well.

    1. Thanks Tomes, it truly was a once in a lifetime type trip that we hope to recreate in a few years when our family is complete :)

  2. GIRL!!! This was definitely too awesome for words! I am so happy for you and your family. Glad you made it there and back safe.

    2 things.

    1. I'll have to have you guys over for some Nigerian cooking sometime soon. We're due for that before baby arrives.

    2. If you have any leftover materials from the outfits you wore, please save them and bring them with you. I'd love to make something special for little girl! It'll be my gift to her :-D.

    See/talk to you soon!

    1. J, you are so awesome. Please make me some Nigerian food, I had forgotten how delicious African food was and I got an awesome reminder.

      I need to find that leftover fabric, seriously thank you so much

  3. This is all types of awesome. I didn't know you were Cameroonian (how did I miss that?!). My brother's DNA traced back to Cameroon so I'm loving this. Your boys are really lucky to be able to go abroad and experience their heritage.

    1. Oh wow, look at that, we could be related :). I was so happy that we could bring the kids to share in this awesome experience. I want to take them back when they are a bit older and would definitely remember more from the trip

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