Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

I hope you all had a great Easter celebration this past weekend. Is it weird to you guys because we are still in March yet we are celebrating Easter? it definitely felt weird to me.

We had a pretty busy weekend full of celebration. On Friday my mom and I went to wedding, we left hubby at home with the kids and turned this into a mother daughter hand out. It was awesome. I will have to do a separate post about it because we took way too many pictures :).

We managed to get a picture of our family on Easter Sunday though the kids weren't cooperating, all they wanted to do was go on an egg hunt. I love this family of mine and I can't believe that next Easter we will have 4 kids.
I digress, we started the celebrations on Saturday. We went to an Easter egg hunt with hubby's mom. I love that our families live close enough to hang out with us often. We can turn any mundane activity into a real thing :). I was amazed at how involved and excited the boys were with this egg hunt. The difference a year makes I tell you
Check out Bean walking around like a big boy
Tman and Jbird were on a mission to find some eggs
The boys super proud to show daddy their awesome goodies
I of course had to take a family picture with my bunch

They had several activities for the kids so after the egg hunt we let the boys loose.
How happy is my Jbird enjoying his cotton candy :)
The boys enjoyed their cotton candy for sure
Then we played some games
Jbird had to get up close and personal to get the ball in the hole :)
There were other games that the boys enjoyed too
Look at Tman's super excited over there while Jbird is busy hammering the tower

Then we played a bit of basket ball

Tman was really good at it, too bad the pic is a bit blurry
And then we saw the Easter bunny and my big boys lost their minds, they were so happy to see him. Tman and Jbird both ran to him and gave him a huge hug

Look at that smile on Jbird's face, priceless
Bean wasn't impressed, he was actually kind of scared of the bunny. We didn't force him, we figured he will eventually come around plus I only scar my kids for good old St Nick ;). After the egg hunt, we went home and took a glorious nap. We were all tired and I was so happy that everyone fell asleep the minute we got home :).

We promised the boys we would take them to a movie later that day and Tman did not forget. As soon as we woke up from our nap, he started asking about the movie. We took them to see Zootopia and I must say I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was probably more appropriate for older kids but the boys seemed to love it too.

Zootopia what up
Me and my crew ready to watch our movie :)
On Sunday, I we made our yearly trip to Church, which made me realized I need to take the boys more often so that they are used to the routine. After Church we came home and I got busy cooking for my family but not before taking a few pics of course :)
My niece came over and since the boys love the egg hunt so much, I of course hosted another one in our front yard. The kids loved it. My mom and hubby's mom came out to cheer the kids. It was so much fun to see them look for all the eggs and get super excited when they found them.

Look at all those busy bees. I should have used the good camera because all my pictures were blurry. The kids were running around too much
Look at my Bean in action
Is he serious or what
My niece proud of herself for finding an egg
The grandmas were just as excited as the kids :)

I of course had to take a pictures of us with the kids

We had dinner with the rest of the crew and spent the rest of the night chilling and relaxing
Love this family of mine
We had such a busy yet fun Easter weekend and an even better Easter celebration. Hope you had a great time celebrating with your family too. Happy Easter everyone.


  1. You guys had a fabulous time. Happy Easter

  2. What an awesome time! I just love how excited the boys got to see the Easter Bunny. My #1 was excited. My #2 looked like she wanted to take him/her out! I'll have to post a picture soon.

    Hope all is well.