Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A baby update - month 5

I swear the first trimester is the longest ever but once you pass that milestone, time just starts flying by. I feel like I was just doing a month 4 update and here we are knee deep in month 5. I am loving that the time is moving so fast because you guys already know that I can't wait to meet my daughter :).

This month was so much better than the other months. We finally got some relief from the nausea. It took us a while to get here but we are here and I am loving it. I am also loving that we are more than halfway through this pregnancy. Baby girl is super active and now making her presence known on a daily basis. I just love the reassurance I get from her everyday. I am looking forward to passing the viability mark in a few weeks.

We had our anatomy scan and baby girl is growing on target, everything looked perfect (Dr's words and music to my hears). Also the babe wasn't shy and she showed us the goods and she definitely still is a GIRL. AHHHHHHHHHHH, there's a healthy baby girl growing in my belly, God is good. One of the best part of the ultrasound was identifying all the body parts and they all looked great and the best was when the technician labeled the ovaries :) :) :). My baby has ovaries, eeeek.

Hello there baby girl :)
19 weeks with baby #4 in front of the high school I graduated from
 Isn't Bean just the cutest, always smiling away, love this kid
20 weeks with baby #4 roaming the streets of Douala with my hubby
21 weeks with baby #4, we were back home and barely awake from the jetlag
It was also Bean's 2nd birthday so I had to include my little mini-me in our photoshoot
 My mom joined in on the fun :)
22 weeks with baby #4, well hello there big belly

My big boys and my mom were around so I included them in my photoshoot :)
I can't believe that we are 5 months into this pregnancy already. I feel like it's taking forever and flying by at the same time, weird right. I am already planning our babymoon, I really want to have a quick getaway with hubby before this little one gets here. I want to be on a beach somewhere hot and hubby wants to roam a city somewhere. We'll see what we can agree on. I am so in love with my growing baby girl and everyday I day dream about bringing her home and seeing her interact with her brothers. I know she will fit right in with our brood.


  1. You look amazing, pregnancy looks so great on you. Can't wait to meet her as well.

  2. Peg, your smile is so infectious! I am just so happy for you and am looking forward to meeting your little girl.
    You are absolutely glowing!

  3. Thanks guys, I feel pretty good these days and I can't wait to meet her either :)