Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My brother J got married

My brother J got married a month ago in Cameroon. It was such an awesome family celebration. So many cousins traveled from Europe to join us in Cameroon and celebrate this awesome event. It was nice to hang out with the cousins in the motherland on a happy occasion.

We arrived in Cameroon the day before the wedding. In hindsight, we should have planned to get there a day or two before to get adjusted before the wedding but nevermind. Despite being tired, we made the most of the day and showed up with our beautiful smiles :).

It is tradition for the close family to wear the same fabric so that they can be identified easily. That's why most of the pictures at the courthouse, our family is clad with the similar fabric. My mom had our clothes made before we got there and since we weren't really there for the measurement, we kept the design fairly simple.

We all met in front of the courthouse the next morning and while we waited for the ceremony to start, we took a lot of pictures.

From left to right, my cousin Cynthia, her friend O'neil, yours truly :), my cousin Sophia, my grandma, my aunt Florence and my sister in law Irene
My aunt Flo, my brother Henry, Irene and my mom

My crew with my aunt Flo and my niece
Hanging out with my brother Jackson and my mom
The beautiful bride
More family moments
I love this awesome shot of with my mom and most of my (girl) cousins. We are only missing one (girl) cousin in this pic
The wedding was supposed to start at 1230 and at 1400 we were still waiting, smh. African time is something. We decided to go to a nearby restaurant and chill in an air conditioned space. Hubby and O'neil not impressed by the wait :)
We had a few drinks and chilled for a bit before going back to the courthouse

We did take a family picture before we left :)
And before we knew it we were back at the courthouse witnessing these two getting married

Look at Jbird and my niece passed out cold, the heat and the wait got to them
I just love all the family representation we had at this wedding. I love my people. My uncle and my dad did not get the memo on the fabric :).
Our little family with my mom (left) and her baby sister aunt Flo
After the courthouse, we went back to the house and got ready for the light refreshments. Check out my cousin Sophia and Tman
Cousin selfie :)
The newlyweds getting ready to chow down on some delicious food.
Our table
We were fortunate to take a quick nap before the night events started. My cousin Sophia attempted to get the kids to nap. She managed to get at least 2 of them down, not bad
Then it was time for the evening celebration. We changed into our evening outfit and were ready to party. Hanging out with my Bean and some family friends
Selfie time with more cousins :)
Tman refused to nap so it was no surprise that he fell asleep the minute we got in the car and headed to the reception. Can you believe that boy stayed asleep the entire wedding? that's my kid right there :). My mom hanging out with the boys
I did manage to get a picture with my mom and the kids
Before we knew it, the newlyweds were making their grand entrance
Yep Tman and my niece were asleep the entire time
We got to hang out with our baby Bean
Check out their cake, layers and layers of delicious goodness
Then it was time to dance and that we did all night long. I love this shot of me dancing with my baby brother
My grandma hanging out with my brother and his wife
I told you we danced the night away :)
Another awesome pic with the cousins, love my family
Pic with friends
 YAY, I was able to capture the newlyweds before they headed out
And of course my favorite ladies and I got to hang out a lot more the rest of the night
It was such a beautiful wedding full of family celebrating the lovebirds. I am so happy that we were able to make it to Cameroon with the crew to celebrate. Now they need to give my boys some cousins :).


  1. Such an awesome celebration! Thanks for the recap. You guys looked absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations to your family on adding 2 new members.

  2. Your family is beautiful! Love the matching fabrics for family. Makes me excited about my little sis wedding this year when family will all be together again.