Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My brother H got married

A week after my brother J's wedding, we celebrated my brother H's wedding. It surely was a busy week for our family but we are glad they did it that way so that we only had to travel once for both weddings.

We had a crazy busy week in between both weddings and were worn out by the time we got to the second wedding. It's a miracle anyone was awake and smiling. My brother H's wedding was the traditional celebration and we all wore our traditional outfit and represented in style of course.

Hanging out with mom and the boys the day we arrived in Buea :)
My cousin Alex hanging out with Bean
We enjoyed a nice dinner with our family that night, paparazzi in action over here :)
Tman and my niece chilling and relaxing
The wedding colors were blue and gold

My beautiful sister in law getting ready for the celebration
How cute is that cake
And the matching dresses of her and my niece, I loved this
After all the blessings the couple was introduced to everyone
My niece looking cute
The colors were just amazing and they came together so nicely
Our family chilling at the reception in our attire
All the grandkids hanging out with my cousin Sophia, she was in love with the kids
I just love this picture of all the cousins, it took a lot of try to get this pic :)
And I of course staged a picture with the whole family. I loved celebrating a happy event with all my cousins and it was so awesome that we all got our awesome outfit together.
Hubby chilling with my uncle
We never had a traditional wedding and I really think I want to have one now :)
Hanging out with friends
Hubby hanging out with my cousins and uncle at the party
My brother and his wife changed into another outfit and I just love that they always coordinated
There was a long party all night but we didn't survive that long. After the cake and a few songs, we were pooped so we called it a night. The next day we had to finish the ritual and share the palm wine.

My sister-in-law's father did the blessing and share the palm wine with our family, hubby drank the wine for me ;)
He explained the tradition and what he had to do to seal the deal with the ancestors
He then poured the wine on the floor to share with the ancestors and made a line that the couple will later cross to seal their union
The dad is telling my brother that he can now take his wife and cross the line
And off they went together as a couple, I love our traditions. Check out hubby and Bean over there loving the festivities
Family pictures with aunts, uncles and cousins

Hubby chasing the boys around the property, they kept us on our toes the entire time we were in Cameroon. They enjoyed the freedom of running around everywhere
Hanging out with my brothers after the ceremony
Hanging out with the girls before we headed back to Douala
My brother H's traditional wedding celebrations were such a success. We were all tired but we sure partied like it was 1989 :). We had so much fun celebrating both brothers weddings with our family and friends and that's what I call a great success.


  1. Girl, I love this recap! What an awesome celebration. I love seeing/reading about other traditions. What lovely ceremonies! The colors were on point!

  2. What a great celebration! This makes me want a traditional wedding too! Everything came together perfectly and I agree with Joy! I love seeing other traditions, just beautiful!

  3. The wedding looked awesome! i love the colors and the decor. It was great to read about your traditions!