Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weekend fun - A shower and a few birthdays

I am so behind on our weekend fun times but that is to be expected since we are doing something fun every single weekend :). We've had our best Summer to date, every weekend was full of fun activities and we also enjoyed some awesome trips. We signed up for a local splash park and that was the hit of the Summer for the boys. I think that is going to become a tradition.

Anyway, back to our weekend of fun. Two weekends ago we celebrated my friend's Bina's upcoming baby with an awesome traditional Indian baby shower. You guys Indians know how to celebrate any and every event. Bina was the courageous pregnant lady that traveled with us to Mexico 2 months ago.

My mom came with me to the shower while hubby watched the kids. Check us our with a glowing Bina who can't wait to meet her first child
I absolutely loved this keepsake for the new baby. Bina's mom started this blanket for the baby but never finished (she passed away a few years ago). Her husband's mom took over and finished. This was made with love by both grandma. That baby is truly blessed
Hanging out at the shower with our friends
After the shower, we took Tman to a birthday party. My nephew's birthday is in a few weeks but since he was going back to Canada before then, we decided to throw him a little birthday party here with us.

Check him out chilling with Tman, these two are such great friends
Our friend Collins was the magician
Look at the boys faces when he magically filled that empty bottle of water :). Next thing we knew they wanted him to fill their bags of empty candy. Hehehehehehe.
Hanging out with my mom, the boys and some family friends
My mom is the coolest :)
It was such a fun Saturday celebrating those we love. On Sunday we went to brunch and tried a new restaurant that we absolutely loved.
Tasting the Sangria
It was definitely delicious
After brunch, we took the boys to the splash park of course. Bean fell asleep as soon as we got in the car but Tman and Jbird were all about the water as usual

Before we got in the water I took a pic of our feet, my favorite :)
My grandma joined us for some fun too. She is scared of getting in the water but she loves to be there with us
My mom on the other hand loves getting int the water with the boys. I love this picture so much

Jbird going down the slide

Playing hide and seek with grandma
Before we left we of course took a selfie at the request of Tman. I love this crew. Bean was still sleeping.
On Sunday afternoon we celebrated my mom and my brother J's birthday by enjoying some awesome cake. We all met at our place and my mom and J took turn blowing candles on their cakes with the help of the boys

 Everyone was really into helping uncle J blow his candles

I just love when our weekends consist of a great balance of adult only and family time. We are so lucky to have family nearby that  allow us to have such a great balance. I also love that the kids are old enough to make doing lots of things much more feasible. Tman is so independent, Jbird is still a big baby but he is starting to become more independent and Bean is our big independent baby :). The next weekend we celebrated Labor Day with another awesome weekends for the books. I hope you are also enjoying these last days of Summer.


  1. Your summer looked very exciting and so much fun. I'm such a big kid at heart that i would have taken part in the water slides

  2. This is so awesome. I love that your mom is such an active part of your boys' lives! They are very blessed!