Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekend fun - Celebrations galore

What a crazy busy yet fun weekend we had 2 weekends ago. I know, it's always busy around here but I really can't help it, I love hanging out with my friends and family. Summer just wouldn't be as much fun if we were just sitting inside resting all day :).

On Saturday, we went to a sip and see celebration in honor of a friend's daughter. This was her second daughter so she forego the traditional baby shower and just invited people over to celebrate the baby who is now 4 months old. That is such a great idea because you still get to celebrate the baby without the hoopla of a shower.

I actually met J through blogging and it has been awesome to grow a relationship offline and actually be present in each others lives. Blogging rocks :).

Me (holding Bean), J and Mrs pancakes (another awesome blogger turned real life friend)
J invited us into her home to celebrate her second daughter JAE. She threw an awesome kids friendly party complete with hot dogs (easy food for the kids), treats galore and a bounce house (my kids favorite).

The guest of honor taking a quick nap during the festivities
J has a beautiful home that was a great background for all my pictures. As soon as we went outside to the patio, I snapped a few family picture before everything got crazy. You know how I roll when it comes to those :).
My mom was also invited to the celebration
As soon as my boys spied the bounce house, it was over, they only wanted to stay outside the whole time.
 My boys loved jumping around with J's daughter JOE

 JOE and her uncle had fun too
 My boys did not want to leave I tell you
 Tman telling me to leave them alone
J also had this awesome pinata and all the little kids had fun trying to break it

 Even Bean had a chance to hit the pinata :)
I joined the boys in the bounce house to get a pic :)
I wished we could have stayed longer because the boys were having so much fun in the bounce house but alas, we had another event to attend later that day and I wanted to get a quick nap in before we did. So after J's party, we went home, took a nap and off to my cousin's baby shower we went.

On Sunday we attended the 3rd birthday party for sweet Sydney. My friend hosted the party at the splash park and you know that's our favorite hang out spot. As soon as we got there, the boys were in heaven, they went straight for the water.

During the lifeguards break we enjoyed some lunch
My mom also came to this party :). I love that my mom is so hands on and always wants to hang out with us, you know we can use the extra set of hands.

I love this selfie of my mom and Tman, my baby is so used to taking selfies that he apparently asked my mom if they could take a selfie together :). I trained that kid well.
We went back in the water and this time I brought my camera with me this time. The boys were on a mission. Tman asked if he could do canon balls and I of course indulged his request. He started jumping everywhere like a crazy kid. The best part is that Jbird got really into it and joined in on the fun.

Before all the craziness, I got a pic with my mom and the boys

I present to you my absolutely new favorite picture of my Jbird. The smile on his face says it all, pure joy
Not to be outdone, my big boy Tman jumping for joy

Then of course we convinced both boys  to do it together so that I could get a perfect shot. A few tries later and I got the money shot of the day both boys jumping for joy :). I love how excited my kids are about water.
We had to get them out of the water to do the cake but they didn't mind. Everyone, even Bean, devoured the delicious cake.

Chilling on the sideline before we headed home

When we got home, everyone passed out. A day well spent if you ask me. I love our crazy busy yet fun weekends. I am not too worried, we'll get plenty of rest soon because I don't go outside when it's cold :).  Summer is so much fun and I love that my kids are making the most of it. What fun things are you guys doing this Summer? Are you overbooked like we are?


  1. I tell you, your kiddos live the good life :)

  2. What a good idea to celebrate the baby after she comes. Sometimes it looks like you have triplets. And I thought I recognized another blogger in that pic!

  3. I seriously love the whole blogger friends turned real life friends!
    You probably have the busiest most exciting life I know. I totally love it! You may have to adopt my family one day 😀.

  4. It was such a good time when we all get together and those boys...seriously know how to have a good time all the time!

  5. I almost can't tell the difference between Bean and Jbird. They look so similar. Your kids always have a great time.

  6. It was so nice that you could make it. I'm glad you posted a picture of Jenna cause I didn't take any :-(.
    LOVE the pictures of you guys on the patio. Too cute!!! Beautiful family!
    You stay on the go! That's awesome! I also like that you make time to get some rest and recharge. That is also important :-).