Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I am officially a soccer mom

My big boy Tman started playing soccer a few weeks ago and had his first came this past Saturday. I am officially a soccer mom and loving it :). Hubby is from England and soccer is his sport of choice so all of our kids will be playing soccer until they tell us otherwise.

We registered Tman with a local boys and girls soccer club and he started 2 weeks ago. He really wasn't that into it at first and he pretty much had a moment the first few minutes at the field. After a few practice sessions, we noticed that he was slowly getting into it and enjoying it a bit more. Hubby takes him to the practice session after work and I just show up for the game on Saturdays. Since this was his first game, I invited the entire family. You know how much I love having my family involved in these activities.

Tman in the car ready for his first soccer game
My grandma, hubby, Jbird and Bean
Before they started the game, they had a little pow wow
Then they practiced shooting the ball in the net
My brother, his wife and my niece also came to support our big boy
Hubby's mom was there too
When the game started, Tman wasn't sure what to do then he got really into it and started chasing the ball around the field. I am so proud of that kid
While Jbird was not interested in the whole thing, Bean on the other hand was really into it
He was chasing the ball everywhere with my niece in tow
During the break, my brother shook Tman's hand because he was doing an awesome job
Check out Bean our future soccer player, how grown does that 18-month old look, seriously
Tman was running everywhere
And sometimes kicking the ball too :)
I was hanging out with my niece behind the camera
Family selfie what up, how cute is my niece, seriously
My sister Kee also came to support. We are so fortunate to have family nearby that always wants to be there for us and the kids. I of course had to take a group picture before we left
And because I love pics, I took a pic of Tman with everyone individually :). Hanging out with grandma here
Hanging out with aunt Kee
Hanging out with Uncle H and aunt I
Hanging out with great grandma
Hanging out with his parental unit
Hanging out with his favorite cousin :)
Tman's first soccer game was a great success. My boy is growing up everyday and I am loving all the milestones that are happening along the way. I am thoroughly enjoying my soccer mom status, good thing I also have a minivan. Do your kids play sports? Anyone into soccer? It's a great way to wear your kids out because they run so much plus it's affordable.


  1. What an amzing family support. I'm sure Tman will do well at his games.

  2. Your a soccer mom! That's awesome and Tman was looking great out there on the field. Great pics and I really love how your family is always there for each other... :)

  3. I love that you're a soccer mom!! And seriously, love the support your family shows to one another! So special!

  4. Oh, my gosh those kids on the field are so cute!! How wonderful that he had the whole family there to support him.

  5. This is just so sweet! Go T-man!!! I love that you have such a good family support system. It makes a HUGE difference in the lives of your kids. I wish my family lived closer by.