Friday, September 18, 2015

A trip to Chichen Itza

Boy did I get delayed in recapping our day trip to Chichen Itza in Mexico. I kept meaning to write about it but so many good things kept happening :). Since we didn't take the boys on this trip to Mexico, I figured it would be a great idea to add a bit of adventure to our agenda. This was our 5th trip to the Cancun area and we had yet to check out the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. I am so glad we went because it was definitely worth the visit.

We booked the trip through our resort and they had a few planned stops along the way which made for an awesome day full of adventure. We stopped at a Cenote for a quick swim, a local Mayan market for a quick shop, a Mayan restaurant for lunch, and a famous Mexican town for ice cream :). It was a long day that started super early and ended super late but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Quick pic at the entrance of the Cenote of course

 Before going down the stairs to the underground body of water
 This place was amazing
Hubby with our friends
I heart him
I jumped in that cold water like it was nobody's business
Pics in the water of course
After the cenote we went to a Mayan restaurant where we had lunch before making our way to the ruins at Chichen Itza
Our tickets to get in :)

We mad it to the pyramid, this place was massive and impressive
I am addicted to feet pics :)
View of the pyramid from the other side of the ruins

After all the tours were gone, we got the pyramid all to ourselves, beautiful
Our friends with the pyramids
Of course we had to take silly pics with this awesome thing

And we had to do a jumping pic because they are my favorite :)

We even did the dip, hehehehehe
Chichen Itza was amazing. After exploring the place we stopped by a very quaint Mayan town on the way back to the resort
Ice cream was in order to end this awesome day
We had an amazing time venturing out to visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. I am glad I never took the kids out on this type of adventure as it would have been too much to handle with them in tow. Maybe we'll take them one day, when they are bigger and can enjoy this experience. Have you even been to Chichen Itza? It's now a world wonder and you should totally put it on your list if you are ever in that area, it is totally worth the trip.


  1. What an awesome adventure! I look forward up eventually doing trips with just the hubby and I.

  2. Loads of fun. I loe doing silly pics too.