Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend Fun - Labor Day Edition 2015

Happy Labor Day weekend. What a great weekend we had. My mom was off the entire 3-day weekend which is such a rare thing. We considered taking the boys to Sesame Place but we dreaded the trip, long lines and the overall busyness that comes with a holiday weekend. We decided to stay put and do local fun things

On Saturday we took the boys to a different bigger splash park not far from us. We also invited my niece. It was such a great idea. The kids loved hanging out at a new place and they didn't want to leave.

Our crew getting wet, isn't my grandma so awesome
My mom and grandma with the kiddos who had no desire to take pics with us
 Jbird now says "cheese" every time I pull out the camera, that's my boy
 I love this shot of my mom getting splashed with a big smile on her face :)
 The slide was a big hit

 Splashing around like crazy

 The water buckets were also a great hit, the boys kept coming back for more
 These two I tell you

 I took my niece in for a water bucket dump :)
 Picture fail but I love this crew
 We got my niece to jump with us
Since everyone was having so much fun, I asked them if they wanted to do underwater selfies and they were all game. This was my favorite, we got a gazillion pictures of us under the water

My mom was so into it and so was Jbird
 Tman joined in but he was more interested in jumping in
 Bean was a bit unsure about this underwater selfie business
 Jbird and my mom were the champion at this game :)

This failed selfie cracks me up so much, Bean's eyes, my mom's face, my missing face and Jbird's face. I love this so much
 We tried to get my niece under too :)
The splash park was a great hit. The boys passed out the minute we got in the car and slept like babies. Later that day, my mom volunteered to watch the kids so that the grown ups could go out and have fun. We jumped on the idea and out we went.

With my brother and our spouses
Dinner was so awesome, we all sipped on some beverages of the adult variety and laughed the night away :)
 After dinner we went on the Ferris wheel near by. It was so awesome
 My brother and his future wife
 Selfie time on the wheel

 The view was amazing from up there
We had a busy but super fun Saturday. We have to do that one again for sure. On Sunday we were invited to a pool party at a friend's house. I know we live in the water, isn't what Summer is all about?

We enjoyed a light lunch before getting in the water
 My boys are always excited for water play
 Grandma with the boys
 Jumping is Tman's thing, if there is water then he is jumping
 Me and my boys, I love this crew of mine
 My grandma came too, my mom and her mommy selfie style
 Bean decided that he wanted to jump in too
 After the pool time we made smores
Sunday was more low key but definitely also fun. On Monday we just chilled and got ready for the week. It was such an awesome weekend with just the right amount of fun and relax time. How did you spend your Labor Day 3-day weekend? Hope you all had a great time too.


  1. You guys had a great Labor Day. The boys sure had a lot of fun and I love the under water pics... :)

  2. How fun! The under water pics are the best. I love how you mom is so into it!

  3. What a fun weekend! I especially love the underwater pictures! I'll need to make sure if/when I get my "big girl" camera, it is one that takes pics underwater. I love the idea of being able to take pictures both above and under water :-D