Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Weekend fun - We heart visitors

We had such an awesome weekend. The weather was horrible, it rained like crazy on Saturday but the company was so good that it didn't matter. My aunt Josephine who lives in Paris arrived last week with my cousin Irene. They visit every Summer since Irene was 2 years old and she is 16 today. It's crazy to me that she is 16, I changed her diapers you guys.

I digress, we started the weekend with our first outing to a local splash park this season. I have been waiting for this splash park to open for weeks and I was just so giddy with excitement when it finally did. My boys are obsessed with water and I love it. We came home from work, changed into our bathing suit and went to the splash park

My Tman is such a happy camper when he is in the water, look at that smile
As soon as we got there Tman was in his element

Jbird and Bean were a little unsure at first but they slowly got into it.

We only stayed for half an hour so Tman was not happy to leave. Look at my Tman's face
We bought the monthly pass and will be making several trips here this Summer. I am already booking our Summer with lots of activities for the boys as I do. No rest for the wicked in this family.

On Saturday my mom, aunt and cousin took the boys to a birthday party while hubby went to a bachelor party for my friend HJ's future husband. As soon as we got in the car, the boys fell asleep and a torrential down pour started. It was raining so hard that we sat in the car for what felt like forever waiting for the rain to subside. We didn't mind since the boys were sleeping.

While we waited, we took a million selfies as you do :). Car selfie with sleeping boys what up (call me crazy)
When the rain finally stopped we woke the boys up and went inside. Our crew ready to party.
I am really glad that the boys were able to squeeze in a nap because they were rested and happy once we got there. There was lots of dancing, balloon throwing, cake and candy eating, hanging out, and just overall fun time.
Hey there handsome Jbird

 Posers, why yes we are :)
And my absolute favorite picture of the day, the boys having a ball with grandma
When we got home the boys were so tired that they passed out. A day well spent if you ask me.

Sunday was such a beautiful day, a welcomed change after the crazy rain from Saturday. We chilled at home in the morning. Check out hubby playing soccer in the family room with the boys, there is world cup fever in our house
We also bought a couch for the playroom, I am super excited about this because I will now have somewhere to sit while the boys are chilling in there
In the afternoon, we took the boys to a nearby town that shuts down the main street on the weekend and turns it into a pedestrian only street. They were actually having a special African celebration that day we clearly timed our outing right.

We got there right after the boys woke up from their nap so they were still chilling. Our crew in the city. My cousin Irene, my aunt Josephine, me and the boys
It wasn't long until they started running up and down the street while we followed. My cousin Irene and myself had a ball chasing them down the street for hours
 My boys are hilarious I tell you
Love this blurry shot of the boys roaming the street, check out Bean walking around like he owns the town, go baby
 Hello there handsome Tman and Bean
 Mommy also got in on the action
Taking a crazy pose with the boys ;)
Jbird really wanted to run into the water fountain behind us, you know how much my boys love water. We kept saying no but he eventually made. That crazy kid. Luckily I had a change of clothes for him. I guess next time I'll bring them in bathing suit on a hot Summer day and let them get wet.

What an awesome day spent hanging out outside with some of my favorite people. I just love Summer and all the fun things that it brings. I am so happy to have my aunt and cousin with us for the Summer, the boys are really enjoying all the attention that they are getting. We are off to Houston tomorrow to celebrate 4th of July with hubby's cousin, I love family time so much. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I love family time so much too!

    Looks like such a good time! I want to hang out with all of you, haha!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the 4th! Looking forward to all your pictures :)

  2. Peg, you stay moving! I love that. I love that romper you wore to the birthday. Wicked cute!
    Your boys are growing up so fast!

  3. Yes, family time is the best. You know, I get such a kick out of seeing Bean running around with his brothers.

    I love your new couch, too. I've always wanted a sectional, but I never seem to have enough space for one.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July... :)

  4. I enjoy reading about your family and outings. Fun fun fun and the boys are growing up so fast.