Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meeting Astronaut Barry Wilmore

You guys Tman's school always host amazing events where they invite people to come talk to the kids about the field they work in and such. I truly love those events and try to attend as much as possible because it's teaching the kids real life experience and what better way than to get the story straight from the horse's mouth.

This week was one that I was super excited about, they invited an astronaut to come talk to the kids and share his experience. My boy has been so excited about this that he even picked "astronaut" as his word to write for the week. I took the morning off and attended the event with my Tman.

Astronaut Barry Wilmore, who just returned from a 6-month trip to space, came to the school to share his experience with the kids. They were all so excited.

Tman and Barry Wilmore
He talked about how he became an astronaut, why he loved it so much then showed them a video of his last trip to space. The kids were mesmerized.

 Mommy also got super excited about meeting an astronaut :)
 After the presentation, the kids got lots of goodies from NASA. How awesome is that? Tman and his friend Mila (we went to Cancun together 2 months ago) waiting for their treat.
 Check out Barry Wilmore hanging out in space

That evening when we got home, Tman told his brother all about the event and went on to declare that he will be an astronaut one day. Dream big my son.

My boys playing in the front yard
 The neighbor's kid joined in on the fun
My adorable Bean, Mr independent
 I managed to get a pic with my boys
 I love this hilarious shot
It's not everyday that you meet an astronaut, I am grateful for Tman's school and all the fun stuff that they put together for the kids. What a fun day it was.


  1. This is just so cool! I look forward to attending such events!

  2. Wow! That's so incredibly cool... :)