Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kate and James' wedding festivities

Hubby's sister got married a few weeks ago and it was such an amazing celebration. She decided to have the wedding in the U.S. instead of the U.K. and everyone traveled to celebrate with them. It was awesome for us because we didn't have to go anywhere ;). Since everyone was traveling, the wedding was actually a week long affair. Hubby was off the entire week while I only took a few days off to join in on the fun. It was such an amazing celebration.

The celebration started with an evening out with all the guest so that everyone had a chance to meet and greet. My mom watched the boys while hubby and I enjoyed a nice grown up evening. There was lots of drinking, laughing, and English accents ;).
Us with the groom's sister and her boyfriend
Looking good with the ladies, hubby's mom, her friend, hubby's aunt and sister
The next day, we had the rehearsal followed by dinner and drinks. The boys came to the rehearsal since they had big jobs in the wedding then they went home with my mommy while hubby and I stayed with the grown ups. My mom is amazing, I know.

I attempted to take a picture of our family but of course craziness ensued
All the girls before dinner (I am behind the camera so I am not in that group shot :))
Hanging out with the groom's sister at dinner enjoying a delicious sangria
And of course making silly faces ;)
We met the groom and his brother after dinner for drinks
The next day was the wedding day. We checked in the hotel that morning. We visited hubby's sister in the bridal suite while they were getting ready

Tman and the groom's sister were all smiles, the two became fast friends
Check out my boys acting crazy in the bridal suite
We went back to the room and all got dressed up and ready for the festivities. My boys looked amazing in their black tie if I do say so myself :).

The boys with my mom
Me and my boys (sometimes I pinch myself because I can't believe these are my kids)
I ran into the groom on my way down to the ceremony. My baby Bean is the cutest (I know, I am biased)
Our family of 5 in dressed up mode right before the ceremony, we clean up good.
Tman was passed out for 30 min before the ceremony and after much bribing, he managed to walk down the aisle like a boss holding this awesome sign that his aunt made for him. Don't mind his crazy face here, he doesn't know how to handle praises just yet
The married couple looking amazing
During the cocktail hour, I got trigger happy and took a gazillion pictures as I do :)
Hubby's parents with Tman
My mom with Bean
Hubby's dad with Bean, be still my heart
I so love this picture, Tman's face is priceless, doesn't he look like a mini James Bond in action?
My mom with her grandsons, I love this picture so much
Hanging out with hubby's aunt and uncle
We even went outside for a few pictures and I got this awesome gem of the 3 generations of men. James Bond better watch out because my men are going to show him how it's done
The decoration was so tasteful, check out Tman finding his seat
The cake was awesome
Then it was dinner time, our table enjoying their meal :)
Check out this awesome gift boxes aunt Kate got for the boys. It was full of goodies and candy. The boys loved this and you know I love my personalization the best
The boys went straight for the dance floor even though it wasn't even time to dance yet. The checkered floor was such a nice touch
Tman was cutting a rug like no other when it was time to dance
My mom and I changed into evening gowns because we could, I know we are such divas. Check us out with the lovely bride
After dancing for a while, my mom took the boys to bed (I am so glad we stayed at the hotel) so that hubby and I could actually enjoy a night of dancing and partying with the group.

Love this awesome pic of me and my English man
They had a photobooth and that was such an awesome idea. We had so much fun taking crazy pictures with the kids and by ourselves. So much fun.
The next day we had brunch with everyone before checking out of the hotel and going home. We all slept all day like little babies. What an awesome celebration it was. I cant' believe that was almost a month ago. Wedding season is here and this was the biggest wedding for us this year. The boys did amazing and everything turned out beautifully.


  1. You all looked spectacular for the wedding. I must say, perhaps Tman was a little grumpy, but that expression goes well this the "caution". Super cute! Congratulations to your sister in law. She looked lovely!

  2. awesome celebration and your dresses are stunning.