Tuesday, July 21, 2015

HJ's wedding festivities

My friend HJ tied the knot a few weeks ago and it was such an awesome time. After months of preparation and anticipation, the big day finally came and it was so beautiful. Family and friends gathered together to celebrate the lovebirds and it was such an amazing weekend.

We decided not to bring the kids to the event because after running after them all day at hubby's sister's wedding we thought we would give ourselves a break and enjoy this celebration. Plus they weren't in the wedding so their presence wasn't necessary.

We started the festivities with the rehearsal followed by dinner on Friday. I just love when we all get together to celebrate awesome events
The bridesmaids spent the night with the bride. We made all the beautiful bouquets and just talked the night away
The day of the wedding started with hair and makeup in the morning. We were up bright and early as you do. Doesn't her hair look so lovely
They did the first look which I thought was such an awesome idea. We all gathered outside and watched her walk to her future husband, it was so cute
 Then they went into full photoshoot mode
 And of course I was behind the photographer taking some awesome shots too :)
 These two lovebirds
While they were doing all the glamorous shots, the bridesmaids decided to go in photoshoot mode too :)

 And we included the groomsmen too :)
 Then we went inside and took even more pictures
 This is by far my favorite picture of them, we were told to laugh at a story and we really got into it
 The room looked really nice
 The details were well thought of
 How cute is this and those heels are so high
My mom was also invited at this wedding (my mom knows all my friends so she is always invited to every event, she is a cool mom like that). My family made it on time, I was so proud of them. With hubby, my mom and my brother
 Such an awesome crew
 Then it was time to walk down the aisle
 The wedding was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It rained earlier that day but you couldn't tell
 YAY, wedding is done, now let's walk back down the aisle :)
 My brother and hubby were so dapper I couldn't help snapping a million pictures
 Me and my handsome man, love this guy
 Check out hubby going at it on the cheese table
Now that the wedding and formal pictures were over, it was time to party :)
 Our table was so much fun and the food was delicious
We saw these 3 boys at the party all in matching outfit and everybody asked me if they were mine. It was only fitting that we got a picture with them
 We danced the night away, check out hubby cutting a rug over there
The cake was made up of oreo cookies and they even had milk with it
 Love this crew of friends
And this is the funniest picture of the night, too bad it's blurry. I was basically dancing to "baby got back" and hubby was so embarrassed. I guess you had to be there
We had such an amazing time celebrating my friend HJ's wedding. It was such a beautiful family oriented celebration. I am so glad we didn't bring the kids. The very next day I was on a plane to New Orleans with my aunt, cousin and Bean. Our adventures never end in this family.


  1. Looks like such a great time. Beautiful wedding!

    You and your mom look fantastic!

  2. Great pics... what a wonderful wedding. I love the color of the bridesmaids dresses and you and hubby looked great all dressed up.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend... :)

  3. I saw some of the bachelorette pictures....looks like a fun wedding and love the colors!