Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekend fun - the labor day edition

Happy labor day everyone. Hope you had a great weekend celebrating. Our weekend was busy busy busy. We had a family photoshoot, it's about time we update the pictures in our house and include our little Bean. The boys were crazy but I worked with these photographers before and I am sure we'll end up with some awesome pictures.

After the photoshoot, we were off to Sesame place for 2 days. What a great couple of days it was. Hubby was not impressed, Tman and Jbird were in heaven, Bean was just content to be with us and I was excited for this little family adventure. We learned one important thing from this trip though and it is that we need to bring someone else along to ensure that the boys have all the attention they need. Our kids are just too young and to be independent and even Tman who was tall enough to get on most rides was too scared to do it alone. I guess my mom or hubby's mom will be joining us next time.

Well hello Sesame place, so nice to see you
On Monday we hosted a BBQ and bday celebration for my mom and my brother. It was awesome. Everyone had a ball. Tman and Jbird were quiet towards the end of the night and I was impressed that they were playing nicely together. Best of friends these two I tell you. I can't wait for Bean to join them.
 I am so happy that my grandma is back, we missed her
Great pic of my 3 boys, mom, grandma, cousin and uncle
We had a great weekend, exhausting and super busy but oh so much fun. Happy labor day everyone. Hope you had a great time too.


  1. Beautiful pictures and lovely smiles! Can't wait to see how your photo shoot went. :-D.

  2. Happy belated Labor Day. I'm glad you were all able to get away. Family vacations are nice and they'll be even more fun when the boys get a little older... :)

  3. You have beautiful children. Looking forward to seeing the shoot pics