Friday, September 12, 2014

A trip to Sesame Place

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post. I am so glad that I can inspire people and seeing women support each other in the way that you do is just amazing.YAY for positive girl power.

Two weekends ago we took a trip to Sesame Place and let me tell you it was such a great trip for Tman and Jbird. They are still talking about it today and I am even considering getting season tickets so that we can go a few more times this year and next year. I loved it as much as the big boys, hubby was not impressed (crazy hubby) and Bean was just happy to be with us.

We left Saturday morning and went straight to the park, spent the night and went back to the park on Sunday before heading home. It was a quick trip but oh so worth every minute :).

Is this the best view of what? 3 kids asleep within 15 minutes of departure. We had a blissful road trip I tell you
Once we got there, we fed the kids and went straight to the park in order to make the most of our day. Hubby was in charge of the baby while I took care of the big boys. My boys at Sesame place
 As soon as we got inside the park, we set the boys free
 And they took off :). Freedom is a beautiful thing.
Taking the boys down the lazy river. We did this a few times, they loved every minute of it though their faces don't show it.
After hours of running around aimlessly without a plan, everyone was so tired. Hubby refused to stay for the parade and fireworks. I know we were all tired but I really wanted to see the parade and fireworks.Oh well, I still love this crew :)
The best part of the night was when we realized that we could watch the fireworks from our hotel room. Tman was so happy and I must say that was a win in my book. A room with a view.
Everyone was happy, even my beanie baby. Playing in front of the mirror as we do
That night I planned our next day out to ensure that things would go smoother than the previous day. As soon as we got to the park, I of course got our family picture. Organization is a beautiful thing. Bean was asleep but he was there with us.
First thing we did was have lunch with Elmo and his friends. That was such a great idea, I highly recommend doing that. We pretty much met everyone and the boys, well mostly Tman and Jbird, were so excited the entire time.

Hi Grover, how are you doing?
After lunch, we went for the rides. The boys were so excited but poor Jbird was so tired he fell asleep before he could get on a ride. One kid down, two to go
Jbird napped for a solid 3 hours, I guess we really wore him out the previous day :)
Once Jbird was asleep, it was just me and my Tman and lots of fun rides

Hubby was hanging out with Bean and Jbird completely bored out of his mind.
Then we switched, I took care of Bean and watched sleeping beauty Jbird while hubby took Tman on more rides

While I was holding Bean, he fell asleep. I am getting good atthis :)
 Two kids down, what what
Tman went for the big jump house and we know how he loves to jump
And jumping we did

Check out the view from up there
Tman did not want to leave but we had to. It was a long day
Goodbye Sesame Place, we've enjoyed your company and will definitely be back for more fun
I highly recommend visiting Sesame Place particularly with young children. Everything was so children friendly. I am seriously thinking about getting a season pass and going back a few times a year. We are definitely bringing my mom or hubby's mom next time.We need someone to hold the baby while we take the big boys on rides.


  1. Great mini vacay! The boys seemed to have a blast. Bean is getting big, no more baby.

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  3. Sesame Place was my favorite growing up. I loved that place! Looks like such a great time and another great memory for the boys!

  4. I loved all the pictures. Poor hubby, he just wasn't into it... lol.

  5. I swear i saw you that day and by the time i could reach out to guys were gone...i was in line!! But that Sesame place is the best place ever...the boys look like they had such a good time!!