Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is here

Fall is here you guys and there is no turning back. The cooler temperature are here to stay. I love Summer but I definitely love these cooler temperatures. We've been enjoying this weather and our relaxed weekend.

Hubby and his dad went to a Redskins game this past week and geared up of course. We are trying to turn hubby's dad into a Redskins fan, clearly it's working :) too bad our team did not do so well.
I of course had to snap a picture of them with the boys. 3 generations of handsome men
Me and my boys just because they look so awesome

Bean is growing up so much. As the baby, he gets to spend loads of time with his grandmas. He is a lucky boy like that

We brought bike riding back. Now that water play is not an option anymore we are all about riding bikes. The boys were so happy to get the bikes outside and ride around the neighborhood. My boys just want to live outside I tell you.

These happy smiles say it all

By the way, Tman is full on pedaling now. So crazy to me
Speaking of bike, Bean tried his hand at the bike with granddad. He is definitely not ready yet.

Hello handsome boy
On Sunday the house was quiet for about a half hour and we thought we should check on the big boys. Look what they were up to in the office, tsk tsk tsk.
And because my beanie baby makes the most adorable faces, here are a few adorable pictures of him. Crying his eyes out because I took something away then 2 minutes later smiling
I told you he is a happy baby
Have you welcomed fall? are you excited for this new season? I am loving it and I hope you are too.


  1. Your kids are so adorable and Bean is growing up so nicely. Love his cheeks.

  2. I love all the great pics of the family and yes, I am totally loving fall... :)

  3. love going to football games...hope your husband and your FIL had a good time. the boys have way too much fun...i want in!!