Monday, September 8, 2014

Post partum recovery - 6 months update

My post partum recovery has been awesome this time around. I am sure knowing what to expect therefore managing my expectations was one of the biggest factor. Here we are 6 months post partum and I am feeling somewhat like myself again.

Let's start with the worst of it all, the hair loss. After every single one of my babies, my hair falls out like crazy. The first time around I was so shocked and didn't know what to do with myself. This being my 3rd time, I didn't even cry anymore. Ok, I did cry a little bit but I didn't complain about it as much ;).

Remember what my hair looked like before I had Bean, luscious right
Well 2 months after Bean made his appearance, my hair started falling like crazy. It got to the point that I didn't even want to comb or touch it. This period of hair falling everywhere lasted about 2 months (same happened with my other kids). At the end of June when I got my relaxer, my hair looked like this hot mess. I know, I cried a little
Luckily, July rolled around and the hair loss stopped. The next 2 months were spent taking really good care of my hair (if that even makes any sense). Last week when I got my hair done, I decided to cut all the thin ends and start the growing process all over. Back to APL we go. I will do another trim in October to even things out. My goal of waist length looks so far now :(.
My edges are always the worst, I go completely bald and it always makes me so sad. After my first I was wearing wigs all the time to hide it but I have since discovered clever ways to style my hair and hide those edges while they are growing. 

At the end of June my edges were completely gone and looked horrible
Two months later at the end of August they were looking much better. We are not quite there but I am definitely loving the progress. I have been applying JBCO to my edges religiously since July.
Here is a little side by side comparison of my edges in April, June and August. I started with full edges then the hairloss came and lasted about two months and now I am recovering

Right side
Left side
 Side by side length comparison, what a difference
The hair loss is always a bummer for me but I am finally embracing the fact that I will always lose my hair after having a baby. At least it grows back.

The weight loss has been awesome and I am so happy that despite the multiple pregnancies, my body is bouncing back somewhat easily. Though my belly is still jiggly and soft, I am very happy with where we are.

I have started working out but nothing crazy. I do the modified version of a workout called T25 and I totally love it. I have been doing 25 mins about 3 times a week for the past month and a half. I love that I can just do it in my living room and I don't need any equipment. I wish I could add a run or something to this mix but whatever.

6 months post partum and fitting in my skinny jeans without a muffin top, what what.

Despite the crazy hair loss, this has been my best post partum recovery. I have embraced the fact that I am one of those people that goes bald after having a baby. Hairloss, schmerloss, my bean is worth it all. Check out my Jbird hanging out in the background :)
Here I am, 6 months post partum and feeling really good about everything. Bean has been very good to his mama. Managing expectation truly is the key to happiness. This body made 3 happy healthy babies and I just want to remember how amazing that is. Good job body, you rock my socks off :).


  1. I think you look fantastic! The hair loss doesn't sound fun, but it is looking great again, and look at that cute baby you get to love on!!!! :)

  2. You are inspiring, love, LOVE your attitude!
    You look incredible!

  3. Yur body looks really good after 6months. I can't believe how well your stomach has bounced back. Did you do Black tea rinse? Don't worry your hair will grow back faster than you think.

  4. This is such an inspiring post to read. Thanks for sharing your journey. Your hair will grow back even healthier and you are making good progress on your edges.

  5. WOwza!!! I can't get over how quickly your body bounces back after each of your boys! Sucks about the hair, but like you said, it grows back and is totally worth it.

  6. Look at you! Your body looks amazing and you definitely don't look like you've had three kids. It's also so crazy that you lose so much hair after giving birth, but thankfully it's growing back so nice. You know, reading this post was really encouraging. I'm thinking I should get back into working out. This may be the push I needed... :)

  7. Looking very good. A good body is nice but there's nothing like a great attitude. I just love how you are so positive. I'm glad that the postpartum process has been good for you overall. The hair will grow you know. :)

  8. Your hair will be just as gorgeous as it was before!! I can only imagine how tough it must be to deal with it though. You are a trooper!! And you are looking good in those skinnies! Go mama!

  9. This is great!! Your hair will be back in no time. I'm envious of the fact that you have the time and energy to do a modified workout. I only have one boy and I feel like I never have time or energy to do anything!

  10. Love your self-confidence lady...if you've got it...flaunt it. you look great!!

  11. wut wut is right, you look fabulous and only 6 months out! you bounced back quickly :)

    My sister has had some hair loss after her first two pregnancies, I wonder what causes it? genetics or other factors? I was ok after Tavi but I'm worried this time around. anaemia has been a huge problem during this pregnancy and my hair isn't as good... i guess time will tell.

    in case it wasn't clear.. you look fab!!