Friday, September 19, 2014

Football season is here

Football season is finally here and our beloved Redskins won their last game, woot woot. I love Fall, particularly early Fall, I mean who doesn't. Two weekends ago we were so busy it was out of control. Between the family photoshoot, a petting zoo and two birthday parties, our heads were spinning. I secretly love this chaos, don't feel bad for me :).

I got a sneak peak from our photoshoot and I am in love, I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. How appropriate that we are all wearing our jerseys. I think the photographer captured the chaos in our family so well. I present to you my new favorite pic of our family
I know, we are such dorks. I couldn't resist buying those coke can, I mean BFF and soulmate totally describe us :). Even hubby agreed and he usually doesn't agree with cheesy stuff.
We took the boys to a petting zoo and boy did they have fun. There were other activities there too so it was playtime, run around time, and pet some animals time. Hubby really got into using the baby carrier with Jbird and he loves doing that now with Bean. I love hubby carrying the baby and Jbird's happy smile because he was allowed to run around freely

Hotness, hubby carrying our beanie baby.
Multi-tasking at its finest, walking, talking and feeding the baby :)
The girls posing as you do on a beautiful day, Go Redskins :)
Saying "hi" to the goat because he was too afraid to touch him.
Jbird calling out the goat when he was finally ready to participate

After the petting zoo we went to a football themed birthday party with my mom, grandma and niece. Me and my grandma with the boys. HAIL :)
My cutie niece representing as you do
Look at those mini redskins fans
Jbird and that happy smile with my friend A and her son. Redskins nation what up
Such a dark picture but look at that happy smile on my Jbird
Oh hey Bean, you did get to spend some time alone with your mommy
We were so tired from all the festivities that weekend. The boys had a ball at the petting zoo and the birthday party. I try to keep them busy and entertained while the weather is nice because as soon as it's cold I am hibernating. My African blood can't handle all that cold weather :). That was a lot of Jerseys in one post. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. You guys are just so awesome! Look at bean's cheeks! I could kiss them all day!

    That first picture is also my favorite of your guys thus far. It really captures the joys of your family!

  2. Oh, I loved this post. That first picture of the family is my favorite, too. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones you don't pose for... :)

  3. lil man is getting so big!! I love all the matching jerseys!