Sunday, February 2, 2014

We have a full term baby

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you've read that right, we have a full term baby, woop woop. This is by far the best milestones in pregnancy :). So conceivably this baby could come anytime now, but knowing my track record I better not count on that.

I have 2 weeks of work left then it's maternity leave, YAY. I just need my baby love to hold off until then as I wrap things up. I still have a few things to set up around the house for him but he would survive if he showed up sooner :).

Pretty much everyone was sick in our house last week :(. The boys took turns being sick then my in-laws took over. Thankfully it only lasted a few days and hubby and I didn't catch whatever they had. Everyone is on the mend now but it made for a pretty interesting and stressful week. 

Anyway, back to my 37 week baby. All the aches and pain of pregnancy are here in full force, the last month is always the worst for me. My back is killing me and it doesn't help that Jbird is attached to my hip. The silver lining is that the end is near.

37 weeks with baby #3. Contractions are here and this baby is so low already I feel like he is ready to come out like any day now but we know that is not going to happen, I'll just carry him that low for the next few weeks.
I mean, look how low that baby is. He is a mover and a shaker in there too. He is growing on target and doing really well so life is good. I am thankful for his good health and growth and the fact that despite complete exhaustion we are all surviving.
I've been so lucky this pregnancy: my skin did not break out to the contrary it improved, my hair made an amazing turnaround and my weight gain has been amazing. My 3rd son must clearly love me a lot already. Love love my belly and the baby growing inside.
Me and my first son, we were hanging out together while Jbird was taking a glorious nap.
YAY for being full term and expecting our new little bundle any day now. This has been my best pregnancy to date. My Dr actually referred to this as a perfect textbook pregnancy. God is good. I am now wishing for a perfect textbook delivery :)


  1. you're looking good - your skin look fabulous! Fingers crossed that baby boy holds off for two more weeks so you can take care of things at work... but we all know babies operate on their own time tables :)

  2. Yey for full term :D. Your a such a gorgeous preggo mama. Fingers and toes crossed you have a "text book" delivery, but by the sound of it, this very well might be! You, lady, are trully blessed.x

  3. Yay for full time! You look absolutely stunning.

    Praying that everything goes smoothly from here on out!

  4. Yay on being full term. That is awesome. Congratulations!
    You look gorgeous! Your skin is glowing!!!

    Praying baby holds on until you are on maternity leave.

  5. Your look awesome! I can tell you are looking forward to bonding time with baby #3.

  6. you look great!!! Glad all is well!! Praying for safe delivery!

  7. Aww! Here's to hoping he hold out until you are good and ready! But in the event he doesn't- be sure to update us!

  8. SO happy for you. You are looking so good. no stretch marks, that's amazing.

  9. Look at that beautiful belly! You look fabulous. So glad to hear this has been your best pregnancy. The last month is such an exhausting and aches-and-pain time. But you are almost there....hope you have an easy delivery!

  10. How are you already full term? WOW! You look so great. So excited for you.