Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 kids 3 and under, here we come

I am scared shitless right now as I am getting ready to welcome my third son into the world in a few short weeks.

I always knew that I wanted to have a house full of kids running around, there is something about that chaos that is just beautiful and amazing. But I never actually gauge how this would work on a day to day basis. Now that we are approaching that chaos, I am scared shitless.

My hubby is taking 3 weeks of paternity leave to help us get into a routine and we are lucky enough to have his parents here with us as well as my family to help with this transition. All this support will certainly take the edge of things.

The kids hanging out with grandad and playing with trains

I have to keep all 3 kids with me during my maternity leave because the daycare is just too far for me to drive the big boys there plus I want them to bond with their little brother. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with them for 3 months and I definitely want to savor and enjoy every minute of it.

Lots of things are obviously going to fall by the way side while we are adjusting to this new life.
- I am not so worried about labor, I've done it twice and survived :).
- I don't care so much about getting the house cleaned and picked up, ain't nobody got time for that.
- I am not worried about breastfeeding, I mean I think I got this now :).
- I am not so worried about sleep, I know that it's only a phase and I will surely survive
- I am not so worried about missing out on bonding time with my hubby because clearly it all works out as the babies keep coming :)

The kids hanging out with grandma and playing on the Ipad

I am more worried about our day to day at home juggling the baby and the big boys those first few months until we get an established routine.

- How the heck am I going to handle nap time. I mean there's no way the big boys are going to sleep when the baby sleep and I can't possibly sleep when they are awake.
- Making sure that the big boys are still entertained while staying indoors most of the time.
- Finding time to pump so that I have a milk supply by the time I go back to work.
- Finding time to bond with my new baby without the big boys feeling left out.
- Finding time to cuddle and sleep whenever possible while still taking care of the big boys.
My Jbird has been super clingy and just wants me lately, what if he doesn't get over that?

The kids wrestling with hubby

So yeah, I  have been asking myself all these questions lately and I don't have an answer. I know we'll survive, I am not sure how yet but as we are living in the throws of it I am sure it will all make sense and all these will be unnecessary worries. I am trusting God to give us the strength we need to get through this.

I always laugh inside when people tell me I make having babies look easy and ask me how I do it because all I am thinking is if you only knew that I am barely making it. Everyday that we are all alive, happy, and healthy is a victory, low expectations all the way.

My boys enjoying a ride around the house. I just love that these two are enjoying each other company's more and more each day. I can't wait to take them out to the playground with this ride, they love taking it for a spin

I just love this picture of hubby and Tman taking a nap together this weekend. They have the same facial expression :).
We don't have it all together but we sure try to be happy and enjoy every minute of this amazing yet tiring adventure. 3 kids 3 and under, ready or not here we come.


  1. Aww're going to do great! I am having the same thoughts and I am not even pregnant yet with #2. I remind myself that our parents did it (6 times for mine) so it is doable.
    You have a great plan and a great support system. That's what matters the most.
    Sending hugs your way.

  2. Thanks J, I love me some hugs.
    I agree with you, our parents did it with way more kids and survived, I mean it can't be that difficult.

  3. Just think about how Tman did when Jbird came!! It all worked out, you and those sweet boys are gonna be JUST FINE, YOU GOT THIS!! I admit that I am already stressing over handling TWINS with a 22 month old so once you have it down, you better send some tips my way :-D. Nah, seriously, I have TOTAL FAITH IN YOU!

  4. You guys will work it all out. It sounds like a daunting task but I'm sure everything will fall into place. You guys can do it .

  5. I am excited you get to stay home with them for 3 months! I would be scared shitless, just like you! But, from what I's easier to go from 2-3 than 1-2.
    Sending love & prayers your way for a safe & easy delivery & a beautiful transition!

  6. I agree with the ladies you are going to be fantastic!! And yeah for paternity leave...such a blessing!! And we will be here for all the moral support you will ever need!!