Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Boys are a crazy bunch

My boys are seriously hilarious and fun to watch. I got to spend almost a whole week at home with them because of weather conditions and it was glorious. I am not going to lie, it was also very tiring and draining. Let me tell you maternity leave with all 3 kids is going to be interesting. Thank goodness my in-laws are here and will be helping us with the kids full time.

Because it was super cold and I just don't do anything out in the cold, we just stayed indoors the entire time. Cabin fever anyone. I let them do pretty much all sorts of crazy things like ride their bikes inside, play computer games, help with cleaning and watch their favorite cartoons (Diego and Dora what up). I think there will be lots of cartoon watching when baby #3 gets here because it worked miracles to give me a much needed break when I needed it.

These two have so much fun together it's amazing. They also fight like crazy. They can go from loving and  kissing each other to kicking and screaming at each other. This is what they look like when they are happy and enjoying each others company. Well hello Diego
 Speaking of which, Jbird's new favorite thing to do is pull Tman's hair
 He starts to giggle like crazy when poor Tman is unhappy about it
 Tman was too busy watching Diego to care.
And what did I tell you, not even 5 minutes later they were back to be the best of friends. I just love watching these two together. I hope that their friendship continues to grow strong everyday
One of the mornings while we were chilling on the couch and Tman was watching something on the kindl and actually sharing with his brother. Score
Then I started cleaning and the boys really wanted to help. If only they really could help. I let them get their hand on the tools and it was on. Kids I tell you, it doesn't take much to entertain them most of the time. Pull out the mop and they want to clean the house :)

My boys are getting so big and handsome everyday. It makes me so happy to see them grow into happy, healthy, crazy kids. I am so proud to be their mommy and I thank God everyday for this blessing
My handsome Tman, 3.5 years. When did he get so big, seriously I can't believe he is going to be 4 years old in 6 short months.
My handsome Jbird, almost 1.5 years. Gosh, I just gave birth to this child and now he is about to become a big brother, insane.
The boys were riding their bikes around the house one of the mornings, indoor play all the way. I put some cartoon on the TV and they were hooked. Look at that concentration, you know what I mean now by there will be lots of TV watching when baby #3 gets here. Between pumping, nursing, and chilling I will really need them to be focused on something else.
Chilling before bed while watching Diego on the kindl. Tman actually shared with his brother and that's rare you guys. I am so happy that he is starting to share somewhat
You know I spoke too fast because a few minutes later there was no more sharing. Poor Jbird was just trying to get a peak. This pic captured my boys relationship so well.
I always enjoy my days at home with my boys but I am always left worn out I tell you. I enjoy watching these two hang out together, it's always such a treat. Now that Jbird is getting bigger, Tman is definitely enjoying him a lot more. My boys are seriously awesome and a lot of work but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am enjoying these last few weeks of just me and my 2 boys, definitely looking forward to adding baby boy #3 to our crazy family. Things are about to get even crazier in our house soon.


  1. This post made me "awwwwwww"!!! This is what life is all about! Your boys are so adorable and handsome!! I love love love how you match them. I hope you will continue to do so when your 3rd bundle of JOY gets here! You seem to handle the challenges well and balance work & being an involved wife and mother. Thanks for giving me hope for the future. lol

    Tman looks so much like his dad! His eyes in the photo of him in the computer chair--dead giveaway! Jbird looks a bit more like you I think. Both are too cute for words! God bless you all! :)

  2. Glamour - this is the sweetest comment ever. Thank you so much. I tried my best to be an awesome mother to m boys and I am so glad that it shows.

    Definitely don't despair, it's so doable and you will enjoy it too :)

  3. Dag...those boys of yours! They are just too cute! I love that you dress them up similarly. They truly are going to be the best of friends.
    How is T-man doing in this bed? Do send some tips if you have any. JOE seems to be regressing sleep-wise. She wakes up now around 2am every night and wants to come to our bed. We end up bringing her in until she falls asleep and then moving her back. Its kinda a pain and we're not getting enough sleep so send some tips if you have some.
    You are going to make an awesome mom of 3 boys! Your hubby is a lucky guy!

    1. J - the sleeping is not even happening here. Tman won't sleep in the room at all. Jbird is doing well but we knew he would. After fighting Tman for a week we just went back to having him in our bed. We'll revisit this in a few weeks or months who knows. The day I get that kid to sleep in his room it's going to be a miracle :).

  4. haha...I just love how they have matching outfits!! Too cute! You definitely have your hands the best way!

    1. Girl, I just buy the same stuff in different sizes every time and it's perfect because they are in the same size range now :). Oh I know my hands are full in the best way for sure.

  5. Aww, love this post. I just love that although watching them all day must be tiring you can see just how grateful you are to have the responsibility.

    Thank God for TV ;)

    Your boys are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Faith, I am so grateful because I've wanted to be a mom my whole life and God truly made that dream come true.

      I totally I am glad TV exist I swear, how did our grandparents did it

  6. They are adorable! I love how you dress them alike, so cute!

  7. As always you have done a fab job in dressing your boys! I showed Abby their pics on my phone and she did not want to give the phone back to me. I think she still has a thing for handsome j bird!

  8. oh my goodness...double the cuteness. i can't even imagine two boys and pregnant but you are my mommy super hero...hopefully you were able to rest last weekend. the sitting on the bike watching tv is just fab...

  9. Girl you know that I feel your pain!! My kids are the same way. Love each other one minute, annoyed the next. I think we shop in the same places because my youngest has that burgundy shirt too!! :) So funny.

  10. They look like twins so cute to see them together. they are becoming the best of buddies as they're Jbird gets older :)