Monday, February 17, 2014

39 weeks

Yep we are still here waiting for our baby to make an appearance. We went from having lots of contraction to having a lot less contractions. I didn't even know that it was possible to go backwards. I assumed once you were engaged that was it, there was a baby coming. I swear our 3rd baby is as ADD as this Winter weather, he doesn't know what he wants to do :).

I am very happy that I survived the last week of work. I am now officially on maternity leave. Our due date is less than a week away, woop woop. There are clearly lots of positive. Now I will enjoy some time off with my 2 boys while we wait for our 3rd son to make up his mind.

39 weeks with baby #3, woop woop, the end is near
The boys were playing with hubby on the bed and it was fun to watch I had to take a million pics of course. We are spending way more time in the bedroom these days so that mommy can get a break :)

 Then it's crush daddy time, both boys jumped on hubby's back

I attempted to take a pic with my boys but they weren't having it, all they wanted to do was jump in the bed with daddy. Love my boys
 Me and my Jbird, he still loves to hang out with me all the time, YAY
We went over to my parents house to hang out and I got this awesome pic with my grandma, well hello belly, is that belly huge or what
I also got to see my niece who is the cutest little thing and wears bow all the time which makes me so happy. I am also loving the pink, my sister in law is a perfect girl mom :)
We had a great weekend, filled with some anxiety and loads of expectation but also some great time spent with the family. I am now just waiting for our baby and enjoying the last few days with just 2 kids. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I love the boys with their dad. So cute. They look like they're having such a good time together!

    Baby will be here so soon. Praying for you and for a safe delivery!

    And you look good! Your skin is absolutely glowing.

  2. Awww, thank you so much for your sweet comment Faith, I've been really lucky in the skin and hair department this pregnancy. Everybody tells me that it will not be this nice if I have a girl.

    The boys have such a great time with their dad, it's awesome. You'll love seeing Sean interact with your future kids, it's amazing.

  3. Seeing the boys crushing their dad reminds me of the good times I had with my dad. You look amazing. Good luck to you in the coming days. Can't wait to read more of what transpires in your family. Such a cute and loving family!

  4. Yay for maternity leave. Not much longer! Hoping you have a smooth delivery.

  5. Girl, you look fabulous! Pregnancy looks great on you!

    I am praying for a quick and easy delivery for you. You'll do great!

    Love the pics of the boys playing with their dad. I know what you mean about taking a million pictures. I do the same with my little one.

    Keep smiling my friend and looking forward to reading the awesome news!

  6. For a hot second I thought this was your "he's here!" announcement. I just cannot wait, lol! I cannot get over how you dress the boys alike so much- I think that is too cute! Hoping for a smooth L&D for ya!

    ~From Mrs to Mom

  7. i love to see all the giggles and fun the boys have with their daddy. Enjoy some quality time with your three boys before they become four :).

    Looking forward to read about the new arrival. hugs

  8. You look beautiful! I can't wait to read about the birth story!

  9. so beautiful..i LOVED this time when i was expecting Baby exciting!!

  10. it's such a great feeling to be officially on maternity leave :) your boys are cute and you managed to get a nice picture with them even if they were itching to get to playing! you're niece, such an adorable little baby girl!