Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend fun - Chuck E Cheese fun

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on the post about our full term baby. We can't believe that we are here either and that in a few short weeks we will be holding our 3rd blessing.

This past weekend we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party for hubby's friend's 3-year old daughter. I was so tired that I didn't really want to go but I figured I would muster some energy for the boys since they love it so much. I am so glad I did because boy did they have fun, even my little Jbird was really into everything.

My big boy Tman with Barney
My baby Jbird with the vibrating bike
Tman and hubby playing with the frog game, Tman really liked this game

Me and my boys hanging out :)
Hubby and the boys found another really interesting game
Even my little Jbird enjoyed it
Then onto the slides we went and Tman was loving it as usual
Then we came back to the fun hitting game after eating our pizza
We did manage to get a family picture. Well hello there baby #3 look at you sticking out
Us with the guest of honor who just turned 3
I am so happy we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, they had such a great time. We spent the rest of the weekend resting and recuperating, which was a nice break for this pregnant lady. We had such a great weekend, next weekend is a complete resting weekend. We'll take advantage of that to get everything ready for the baby, I can't wait. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I loved chuck e cheese as a kid too! That place has been around forever!!!! You are one active mama!!!

  2. What a fun time you all had! I love that everyone looks like they are having a great time. You look great! Gosh girl, you're almost there! I feel like its gone by so quickly :-). I am sure it doesn't entirely feel that way for you though.

    I was actually about to send you an email since I hadn't seen a new post from you in a bit :-).

    Looking forward to hearing the great news soon!