Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Fun - The year of our 3rd baby :)

I have been waiting to say this for the longest time you guys (ok just the beginning of the year), but yeah, this is the year our 3rd baby will be born (God willing), AHHHHHHHHHHH. Let that simmer for a second. Not only that, if we are lucky enough, he'll be here next month, AHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok, enough screams for one post.

34 weeks with baby #3. I am telling you I have a torpedo belly, this baby is just pushing out and laying so low. Bring on next month, I am so ready to meet our 3rd boy.
The front view of the belly is always so deceiving, I love that my Jbird wanted to be part of my picture though and I am so loving how my hair turned out from curling it.
We got our maternity pics done this past weekend and I swear it was a total disaster. I hope that the photographer did her magic and we end up with a few decent ones. Since we were all dressed up I of course attempted a family pics before we left, not bad if I may say so myself :). Is Tman the funniest or what? Jbird always has that confused look, poor kid is probably wondering how he ended up in this crazy family. I love my family, can't wait to see how our 3rd boy will fit in with our brood.
After the photoshoot I took the boys to visit my family. My cousin S is visiting from England, the last time she was here, Jbird was only 4 months.
 3 generations of awesome women, what what.
My niece turned 3 months old and this little girl is looking cuter by the day. I just love all the bows and matching outfit, I must say I am proud of my sister in law :)
 My mom and my niece, don't they look so alike?
Tman wanted to join in on the fun
I couldn't possibly not add a picture of my beautiful 2nd boy. This boy is so active I tell you and he always does things on the DL; you never see him coming and bam he is on whatever he wants.
Having loads of fun with grandad doing laps around the house in his car. It doesn't take much to entertain kids I tell you
My new favorite pic of me and my first baby, my little mini-me. My first boy is so like me it's crazy.
And of course a picture of my crazy family at brunch. I love that we are all doing something different yet crazy except for Jbird who just wanted out :)
We've had a crazy busy yet fun weekend. I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to some slow days around here. The next few weekends are pretty chill so that should be good. Then it's baby time, woop woop. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Ahhh next month?! Crazy and so exciting!

    You are absolutely glowing! Love your baby bump!

    I'm sure the pictures turned out great. Professional photographers have their ways :)

    And your niece is so adorable! She really does look like your mom.

    Your boys are so handsome!

  2. Wow- that time rolled around so fast! I can't wait to see the pics when it's you, your husband, Tman, Jbird, and Nathan :)

  3. Girl, you are positively glowing!!! Love your hair and you just look so radiant! Love love love all the pics!
    Your boys are all growing so fast!

    I am so happy for you and your new addition. He is going to be one lucky kid!

    How are things going with the sleeping situation?

  4. Your bump is sooo adorable! You are right- it is deceiving from the front! Your niece is too precious- I loves her bows and matching outfits, I would have a blast playing dress up with her.

    I feel like your pregnancy is flying by so fast! I hope you'll be posting your maternity pics soon- can't wait to see them!

  5. Your hair is so shiny. Your family pics are so gorgeous and your boys are so adorable, the camera loves them.

  6. All the kids in your family are adorable! And that belly! That baby is getting ready to come. The front and side views are totally different.

  7. You look so amazing!! I'm loving your hair. Can't believe your baby will be here next month, so exciting.

  8. Oh wow Peg I feel like the time flew!' So excited for you and the boys!!

  9. February babies are the best!! Can't wait for that sweet boy to get here. I saw a little something at the mall that made me think of you. I just had to buy it and can't wait for baby boy #3 to get here so I can mail it to you!!!

    1. Thanks Amy, that is so sweet of you of thinking of us.

  10. Peg you're looking amazing!! Not much longer to go! I can't wait to see your maternity pics. :) When in Feb are you due again??

  11. Awwww you have an adorable family! Congrats on the third!

    Wow that is a coincidence that you meet that person a year from the day you met them! And they got you a job offer!

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  12. Your mom and your niece definitely look just alike!! Up until I go to the end of your post I was wondering where do you get all that energy to go with that torpedo belly! (which is so cute btw!!) Only 6 more weeks!!

  13. I LOVE your belly. I LOVE IT. Your family is so beautiful. I always enjoy your photos.

  14. Your hair does look beautiful curled too!

  15. You are going to be one of those Momma's who has the baby & goes home in regular clothes! You are stunning!! I am extremely happy for your family!!

    1. I hope so Nancy, either way I know the weight will eventually drop off :)

  16. Thanks for your sweet comments, I can't believe how close we are to holding our 3rd blessing. It's amazing