Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The last days of December

It's been fun to have the time to spend with the kids these last days of December. Since we were home with the boys a lot we had to do lots of things to keep them occupied.

My favorite thing to do when it's this cold is always to go to the mall with an indoor playground that way I can not only get my shopping on during nap time but also let the kids run wild and do fun things inside.

My Tman is clearly a fan of such fun activities
I celebrated Christmas at school with Tman and all his friends. It was such a sweet event, best way to end the year. He doesn't go back until next Monday.

We hung out with my BFF C who is visiting from Indiana with her boys. We heard of a train exhibit at the local train station and thought it would be such a fun time for our train loving boys. It actually sucked but somehow the boys were really excited about it still and the day was not a complete loss

Hubby with Tman watching in front of the train exhibit (yeah, that's all it was, not even a train display the kids could play with or anything)
Me and my friend C with our youngest boys. C and I have been pregnant together throughout the years and what do you know, she is again pregnant with her 3rd child :). I swear we don't plan these things
 Our first boys eating some ice cream in the Winter, the beauty of indoor play
My friend Melissa came down to visit too. YAY. I am always so psyched when she comes to town, she has such a great time with the boys. She only lives 2 hours away but she is moving to Austin, Texas next year :(. We won't get to see her as much but I guess that means we'll be going to Austin soon :).

Mel came to visit with her aunt and uncle who used to take such good care of us when we were in College. They wanted to see the boys so they made the trip.
 Reading with Tman at bedtime. She is such a great godmother to my boy.
Our friend A was having a birthday party to celebrate her 30th birthday. She was actually pregnant when the actual birthday happened so we are celebrating 6 months later. Since Mel was in town, we left the boys with hubby and turned this into a girls night. It was nothing fancy, we just went to a local bar and enjoyed some crab dip and a few drinks. It was classic.

The birthday girl and her cake :)
The girls hanging out. A, Mel and I lived together for years and had a blast doing it too. It's good to see things don't change much over the years

My friend D hosted a kid friendly Christmas and New Year's party at her place. I am so glad we were able to go. They just moved into their new house and it's an absolute beauty.

They had 3 trees in total in their house this year, wowzer. I loved the beautiful tree at the front door and of course had to take pics with the boys :)

As soon as we got there, Tman zoomed in for the train table. This kid loves trains I tell you.
Jbird stayed attached to me or my hubby as he does these days.

After he finally warmed up he also went for the trains with his brother. I thought he would just destroy everything as he does but I was really impressed with him.
 A few pics of me and my boys at the party

Before we left, we got a pic of all of us who went to college together with our spouses. The kids did not want to cooperate for our pic but never mind. I can't believe that we were graduating from college 10 years ago. Insane I tell you. Go Terps.
The last days of the year 2013 were well spent. We celebrated the New Year in style with no kids :). Gotta love babysitting grandparents. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. See you in 2014.


  1. You ended your year with a bang and good note. Such sweet grandparents but I'm sure they enjoyed the company of their grandbabies. Have a fabulous 2014.

  2. The boys matching outfits are too adorable. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the holiday break. Happy New Year!!

  3. So happy you had the chance to spend quality time with the boy.

    Happy new year!

  4. Aw, you are such a good Mom and I love that you do so much with the boys! Cute photos :) :) :)

  5. 3 trees? that's awesome! Bummer the train exhibit wasn't interactive, I bet the kids would have been entertained for longer if it had been. The boys are just as cute as usual - happy new years to you & your family :)

  6. You always look like you're having such great fun and make me want to join in on it! Keep smiling chica! I hear its the secret to staying young :-).

    Love the look on your hubby's face when he is carrying T-man. Speaks volumes :-). Glad the kids were able to enjoy it somewhat though.

    Yay for longtime friendships that continue after marriage and kids. Those are the best!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Love the celebrations around this time
    Of the year and it looks like you and the family enjoyed every single moment!!

  8. I love this! You always have the biggest smile on your face in your pictures which I love so much about you!

    Looks like you ended 2013 with a really high note!