Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend fun and misc things

The boys got some awesome gifts from their cousins in England. What I usually do is take a pic of the kids with the outfit and send them to the family members with thank you notes. We know how much I love taking pics so it works really well and it's clearly just an excuse to take more pics.

I put the cute outfit on the boys and did a mini photoshoot. Hubby's cousins loved the pics. I am sure we'll be getting even more outfit for the boys in the future :).

Jbird was not very happy but he is a cutie pie nonetheless

I love the way Tman is holding his little brother in this pic and doesn't it look like Jbird is smiling? Love it
Tman was invited to 2 birthday parties this past weekend one at chuck e cheese and one at a friend's house. We went to chuck e cheese first, Tman had a ball, this was his favorite game of the day
After chuck e cheese, we went to a one year old birthday party. It was a great party, my friend had crabs as the main meal, can't beat that. We sat outside, enjoyed the crabs, and celebrated the baby's first year. First birthday are so awesome.

My friend's sister took this pic with the birthday girl and Tman, too cute
 Future husband and wife maybe? adorable nonetheless
After both parties we were pooped. We came home and hung out with Jbird. Tman took a super long afternoon nap and was ready for tummy time with his brother. Tman's cheesy smile is my favorite.
 Jbird is much happier now that he is not on his tummy, he is not really fond of tummy time
 And a few pictures from the weekend

 Making the best of the last days of Summer
One month postpartum, ready to go to an 80s themed birthday dinner for a friend. I didn't have any cool 80s outfit so I went with bright colors, big hair and a bow :).
We are back to being somewhat busy and we love it. I love that Tman gets to go outside everyday and have fun. I love even more that my Jbird is growing strong and healthy. I can't wait until he becomes a rolly polly :).


  1. You look FABULOUS in that last pic!

  2. First off, your boys are just the cutest! Love that JBird already knows what he likes and doesn't like and I love the way Tman enjoys being around his little brother. They will truly grow up to be besties!

    Ummm...GIRL!!! You look FABULOUS! One month postpartum? I almost couldn't believe my eyes! Keep on doing whatever you're doing and be sure to document it so I can use it in a few weeks after our little one arrives :-).

  3. I love all your pics. Your boys are so adorable. Tman seems like such a good big brother. And you look great by the way.

  4. Awww these are awesome family pics...

  5. Love the pics. You look awesome.

  6. Thanks girls, Tman is such a great big brother, I am so happy with the way he is treating his brother.

    Post partum recovery has been good to me this time around. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I will probably lose all my hair or something.

  7. You look soooo incredible! What a great weekend!

  8. LOOKIN GOOD GIRL!!!! I cracked up HARD at Tman's face in the pic w/ your friend's sister.