Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August birthdays

August is a big birthday month in my family. My mom and youngest brother are both end of August babies so every year we do a little something for them. Well this year since I just had a baby, we just bought some cake and celebrated at home. It was actually a very nice celebration and they both loved it. Tman thought it was his birthday each time and wanted to blow the candles :).

Tman sat up and started singing "Happy Birthday"

 My brother and his girlfriend joined in on the fun

 Jbird was there too :)

My youngest brother with Jbird

 Tman wanted to blow the candles
 Me and my brothers. Did I tell you how much I love to cuddle with my Jbird?
It's been a busy few weeks with lots of birthday celebrations. We have my other brother's and hubby's birthdays coming up next month.


  1. T-Man makes the best expressions!!

    Happy Birthday to your brother and your mom!

    Looks like a sweet celebration

  2. T-Man truly is funny. But I can understand his wanting to celebrate everyone's birthday. My sister who is the youngest in my family still does that and she is 27. Go figure.

    Happy birthday to your mom and brother! I am sure they had a fab time celebrating with you all.

  3. happy birthday to them! looks like you all had a lot of fun!