Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel - Prague, Czech Republic

I have decided to do a travel series to break from the monotony of life with two kids. I was inspired by going through some of our pictures, I really got nostalgic. I also figured this would be a great way to document all the travel we did for over 3 years before having children.

First stop on our series is our first trip to Prague 4 years ago. We lived in Germany at the time about 4 hours away so we just drove to Prague for a 3-day weekend.

We were really into black and white pictures with a hint of color back then so you'll see lots of these
Here we are at the end of Charles bridge

We went to the Eiffel tower of Prague and they had a house with mirrors that did crazy things like this
This was the view from the top of the tower 

On the way down we attempted to take a pic with the background
I take lots of pics of signs, I need to remember where I was somehow

We were there during the Euro fest in 2008
We took a cruise, we pretty much did these everywhere we went near the water

We saw the Atomic clock downtown
And went back for a picture on Charles bridge
Self portrait pictures are my favorite
Sun setting on Charles Bridge, the perfect ending to our trip.
We loved Prague so much that we went back 3 more times. We went back to explore it more, brought our moms on one of the trips, and went on a bar crawl on another trip. Those will have to be separate travel stories. I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I would definitely love to go back to Prague with my boys.


  1. I love that you and hubby traveled so much. Gorgeous pictures too!!

  2. Oh how nice! I have never been but now you have me wanting to book a trip there. Will have to add it to my list of places to visit.

  3. prague is one of the best cities in the world to visit!! i feel in love with prague too and would have enjoyed walking around more if it wasn't so darn cold when i was there!! your photos are gorgeous

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  5. Traveling is like my drug, I can never get enough. I am glad you guys enjoyed this as much as I did.

    Meg - Welcome to my blog. Prague is definitely on my top 10 :). It was pretty cold every time I went there.