Sunday, July 1, 2012

Los Angeles bound

We are headed to LA for my friend Donna's wedding and I am so excited. I went back and forth about traveling this far along in my pregnancy (34 weeks) but with the blessing of my Dr, I decided to go for it. I just know that I would so regret missing this wedding. The hubby will take care of T-man the whole trip and I will just worry about carrying my belly around. Great plan, I will tell you how that worked next week.

Our last trip to LA was 5 years ago, man we look so young.
I used to take feet pics everywhere we went
While we were in LA, we took a day trip down to Tijuana, why not we were so close anyway. We stopped by Laguna beach on the way down (I actually used to watch the Hills, I know, I was young)

This trip will be a little bit different for sure as we will be too busy celebrating this lady's wedding to do much sightseeing. Me and Donna chilling in Laguna beach
We'll be back next week, I am sure with lots of pics and stories. Happy 4th of July.

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