Monday, July 9, 2012

LA was awesome

Our trip to LA was awesome. We are all back in one piece and I am still pregnant :). My friend's wedding was amazing. We got there a few days before the wedding so that we can chill a bit. I figured I would be tired so I wanted to break the trip up a bit. I also took the day after we got back from the wedding off to rest. I am feeling pretty good now, that was definitely a good plan.

The first day was just a chill day. On the second day we decided to take a trip to Hollywood, after all we were in LA. After that we got wrapped up in wedding stuff for a few days.

On our way to Hollywood Blvd
 Me and my friend Cathy, her baby is already 3 months. Time is flying by
I felt like a movie star for the day so this was fitting
The men and their boys, they were too cute all week pushing the babies around
 How cute are these two, they were always hugging
 In front of the Kodak theater, total tourist shot
 I just love this pic of my little man, can't believe how big he is getting

And a favorite of mine, the boys getting ready for their day with the kids without the moms
I will recap the wedding festivities in the next posts. It really was a beautiful wedding celebration.


  1. So fun!

    Great pictures, I really want to go to LA one day!

    I love how the guys took their boys out for the day without the moms! I really love that!

  2. That pic of the men and their babies in strollers looks like a preview for the movie "What to expect when you are expecting!" lol

  3. Faith - Me too, I love it when guys take care of the kids

    Amy - My hubby said the same thing, we saw that movie a few weeks back

  4. L.A is always so much fun.