Monday, June 25, 2012

We have a double stroller

So we finally broke down and made our first purchase for our second boy. Hope is a powerful thing. It also helped that we are having another boy so we pretty much have everything we need.

The only thing we really needed was a double stroller particularly since I plan on going for walks as soon as I pop this baby out :). I had a few requirements, I needed this double stroller to:
 - Be side by side and a jogging stroller
 - Accommodate a Graco baby car seat (very useful the first 6 months or so)
 - Have a separate tray for each kid
 - Have a shade that can be moved
 - Have reclining seats for when the little ones take a nap while we are out
 - and of course be reasonably priced

Well, the first thing I found that made sense was super expensive, yikes. After lots of research, I found the perfect stroller that was half the price of the super expensive one and had all the features we wanted and more. Some of the bonus features I didn't think about:
 - Can take a kid up to 50lbs on each seat (meaning I could use it for a while)
 - 2 cup holders for the parents (score, won't have to fight with the hubby)
 - The children trays are removable for easy cleaning
 - An attachment for an MP3 player.

Well here it is and I can't wait to use it :)


  1. Looks awesome. We got the B.O.B Doube Stroller. It was very expensive but a great investment.