Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LA wedding - part I

I am going to break down the wedding post in two because I have way too many pics to share :). On Friday we had the rehearsal and nails planned. We took the kids on a train ride in the morning before we left them with the husbands.

We then headed to the rehearsal. After the rehearsal we got our nails done

The wedding day was finally here. We went to the bridal suite where the bridesmaids got their hair and make up done.

 The bride getting hydrated 
 The ladies' hair definitely looked nice and coordinated
 We got our nails done and were definitely showing them off
We then headed to the ceremony site to get ready for the big day.

How amazing is this engagement pic? they had this displayed at the main entrance
 Their cake looked beautiful and the colors were just perfect
 A quick pic before we all get ready for the ceremony
Getting ready to walk down the aisle
 Me and the bride all ready to go
 Thank goodness for Iphones, how else do you entertain kids these days
 We got a quick family photo before the ceremony. My boys looked really nice. We do clean up good
Next up I will take you through the ceremony and reception. The food was good, there was lots of partying and a photo booth for fun.


  1. I love the last pic! You have a truly beautiful family!

  2. Thanks Traveltheworld. That's very sweet of you to say. When are you due by the way? Is this your first child?

  3. Lovely pictures. Aren't weddings so much fun.

  4. The family pic beautiful. I know you enjoyed the pedicure your smile said it all.

  5. Keya - Wedding are so much fun. I always look forward to wedding season.

    Brulee girl - I was so happy to get that pedicure. I hope to get another one before the baby comes :)

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful!!! Looks like such a great wedding!

    I haven't had my share of weddings this year! I need more in my life!! :)