Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anniversary getaway

We couldn't resist taking a little mini vacay for our anniversary this year. Considering that we are having a baby any day and my mom volunteered to watch T-man for us it was hard to resist taking that little break just the two of us.

My mom watched T-man for 2 days while we took a trip to a local resort. We didn't get to take a babymoon so this was definitely a beautiful two fold mini vacay. We had such a great time doing nothing at all for a few days.

We dropped off T-man at my parents house and of course had to take a family pic before we left :)
The resort was less than an hour away. We got there in no time, had lunch then took a walk around to explore the area

We went back to the room and chilled for a bit taking silly pictures like this one of the belly with our legs :)
Or this one of our feet. Ah the beauty of having nothing better to do other than lounge around.
Later on we got dressed up and went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It was very nice

We went to a casino on the resort after dinner and lost $20 playing on the penny slots. It took a good hour. $20 well spent :). The next day we just chilled, had breakfast, went for a walk. My hubby vetoed taking pics during his relaxing time but I was able to sneak in a self portrait on our way home.


  1. I love how you and hubby spend quality time...sooo sweet to remember what makes you you!!

  2. I love this! Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great time!