Friday, June 1, 2012

A little photoshoot

My friend Adrienne attempted to take some maternity pictures of us while she was here a few weeks ago. T-man did not cooperate of course (it would be too easy). We did get some pretty fun shots. Luckily we have another opportunity to get some maternity pics tomorrow with a local photographer.

So we started in the bedroom, I was thinking casual pictures of us. T-man started screaming and didn't calm down until he had the Ipod touch in his hand.

I do like this picture of us a lot, I guess it is casual
 Yep he's moved onto the Ipod touch
 Good pic of me and the hubby but you can't even see T-man's face
 Then he decided to hug the baby, I love this kid
Then we moved outside in an attempt to get some better shots. Our backyard is awesome for pictures.

T-man only lasted about a picture before he started going crazy
 Look at him fighting here, I'll spare you the other crazy pictures
I on the other hand was not fussy so I took some solo shots while the hubby calmed T-man down :)

We moved to the front of the house to try for better shots, still no success. You can just see the look of defeat on our faces here
He is still the cutest kid ever my little boy, just wasn't interested in taking pics with us today
I went back outside to take a few bare belly pictures and this is my favorite of the bunch
Well, I hope T-man will cooperate when we have our actual maternity shoot tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful Mama.

  2. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  3. T-Man makes me laugh. He just does not enjoy the camera! Love the pictures though! You are beautiful!

  4. My friend did an awesome jobs with the pictures. I do like them all.

    Faith - you would think as much as I take pics of this kid he would be more cooperative. He is still the best tho :)

  5. At least you managed to
    Get some great the one he is hugging the belly...too cute!

    1. I love that one too, he looks so proud of himself