Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial day weekend fun

We had so much fun over memorial day weekend.

Saturday was just a chill day, we spent the day relaxing and catching up on some sleep and of course reflecting on life (which always happens when you are not busy). I enjoyed that break from the rush of life.

Sunday was our fun day. My friend Melissa was in town and we met up with her at her aunt's house near the water. They have a boat, need I say more. We got there by lunch time and spent the entire day near the water. We even got to go on a boat ride. T-man was in heaven, he spent more than 5 hours outside and near the water his favorite places to be.

Their backyard is awesome and backs up to the bay. They have a small man-made beach, swings and hammocks. The perfect chill place. As soon as we got there, I put T-man in his bathing suit and he was off. We chilled for a while then went for a boat ride. T-man loved it.

Yep, it was that much fun, I was swinging from a tree :)

 My boys chilling by the man made beach in the backyard
An airplane flew by, T-man was so excited

   A little unsure about the fish getting so close to him
T-man saying "Hi" to the fish
 Getting to know the fish, he named him Thomas
Getting ready for a boat ride, I love that you can see the flag on the boat

 T-man's first boat ride

 T-man got to be a captain and conduct the boat for a minute :)
 These two are hilarious. They were pretending to be behind bars :)
It was such a a great day and such a nice treat to hang out with Melissa and Deb.

Monday I went to brunch with my sisters. After lunch, hubby and I met with some friends to celebrate a birthday followed by a movie. Another somewhat chilled day. T-man spent the afternoon with my mom and took a 3 hour nap. I guess we wore him out on Saturday.

With my sisters
 It was such a great weekend. A nice combination of chilled and hang out time.


  1. So fun! T-Man was all smiles, I just love that!

    The pictures are great!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend with friends and family!

  2. Faith - T-man had such a great time. It was a great weekend for sure

  3. Great pictures. And thanks for commenting on my post!