Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I got my girl

From the day we found out Emilia was going to be a girl, most people kept telling me "I am so glad you got your girl". It used to annoy me so much because I felt like it came with the implication that my life as a mom wouldn't be fulfilled if I did not birth a girl child. I used to resent that comment so much. Now that Emilia is here and we've spend almost a year together, I get what they were saying. They weren't discounting the fact that the boys were important and a great blessing, they were expressing the joy of getting to raise children of both sex: a boy and a girl. I get it now and I am not annoyed anymore. I just want to shout on every rooftop: "I got my girl".

I mean look at this side by side of me on the left around 1 year and my daughter on the right at 10 months. Are we not twins, from the lack of hair, the forehead, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the lips, the cheeks, the legs and even the stance. She is my complete twin. I really got my girl you guys :).
Being a mom has been a dream come true for me. I always wanted to have a lot of kids running around. I met and married someone that shared that idea and we were blessed with 4 beautiful kids. We all have so much fun together and even though it's totally chaotic, we are having the time of our lives.

Pool side with my babies last March.
Chilling with my girl who looks just like my boys at this age by the way
Having a girl has been so sweet because there are things that I could just never do with the boys that I get to do with her. I mean, isn't it so awesome that we can wear matching bows? I would never be able to do that with my boys
I love this little mini me of mine so much
Chilling with my baby girl at the doctor's office
That sweet face, those beautiful eyes, my girl.
My baby girl looks just like my boys at this age, which is so funny. If she is not wearing a bow, she is just like the boys.
Matching bathing suits, don't mind if we do. I am so loving having a little girl to do these kinds of fun things with.
I mean, seriously, this is a total dream come true
She truly is our little princess and every time I look at her, I see myself in her and I get excited for all the girl things I will teach her about life. I adore this little girl of mine, more than I could have ever imagine in my wildest dream
I also love that she is my total mini me
The matching will never get old. I plan to do it until she is so fed up with me that she just runs away embarrassed. Ok, maybe not for that long.
My sweet little girl and I, rocking our matching suits in the pool
I am so happy that I got my girl but I am also happy that I had 3 awesome boys before her. I mean, we wore yellow bows to coordinate with the boys' yellow shirts. I am so that mom and I am totally loving it.
I adore my handsome boys and I am so happy that I get to be their momma everyday. I am so in love with this picture with my big boys, Tman (6, turning 7 in July) and Jbird (4, turning 5 in August). Those happy smiles just melt my heart everyday
Loving on my baby boy Bean (3), the sweetest little boy. Bean will forever be my baby boy
These 4 kids of mine have all been such a blessing and each and every one of them made me one proud and happy mama. Bean (3), Tman (6), Emilia (11months), and Jbird (4). I wouldn't have it any other way. I would have been happy with 4 boys but I am absolutely ecstatic with my perfect combination of 3 boys and 1 girl. I got my girl :) :) :) :).
I am so thankful that I got my girl and I am also thankful that have my 3 boys. Everyday, I thank God for giving me the most amazing 4 babies. 3 boys and a girl, the most perfect combination that I never would have imagined but absolutely love. I am not ashamed or annoyed to say to anyone that wants to hear that after 3 amazing boys, I got my baby girl and our family is complete.


  1. I'm glad you got the perfect family for you. I love seeing your coordinated pictures !!!!!

  2. The resemblance is uncanny!! Those female genes were just waiting for someone else. Your family is beeeautiful!

  3. She is your mini me for sure and just so cute! You really rock being a mom!