Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Emilia

Our baby girl turned 1 on 9 July. Seriously you guys, this year just flew by. This time last year I was flooded with emotion as we welcomed this sweet little girl into the world and our lives. This has been  such a hectic and trying year for our family. Despite the trials and tribulations, this year was one of the most amazing year yet.

My sweet happy girl on her first birthday. She is such a dream baby, so happy and calm all the time
She makes the sweetest happy faces. She is looking at me like did you get your picture mama :)
Ok, I am done posing now but I still look super cool
She started walking a little over a month ago and hasn't stopped since. She now runs all over the house chasing after her big brothers. It's so funny that when I asked her to come to me she just started running :)
 She was just so proud of herself
 and she does everything with the biggest smile on her face
It's been an amazing and beautiful year with this little girl in our lives. She is just an awesome baby. She eats and sleeps well (for a baby). She is so easygoing and just adjust to whatever situation we put in front of her. I love her so much
My happy little girl who is always on the move with a smile plastered on her face. She is so my mini me. The apple definitely didn't fall far from this tree :)
She has the most beautiful brown eyes. This little girl is absolute perfection, better than anything I had ever imagined in my wildest dreams
We celebrated Emilia with our family and friends on her actual birthday and it was epic. Once I sort the pictures, I will tell you all about the amazing celebration. How insanely cute is this little girl, I just can't with her.
Happy 1st birthday sweet girl, our lives have been so enriched by your presence. We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you. We love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for completing our family so perfectly.

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  1. Such a beautiful girl! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her every milestone this year. She really is a sweet little girl and I love that she always smiles at me! :-).
    Happy Birthday Princess!!! Wishing you many many many more years filled with happiness, good health and laughter!