Monday, June 26, 2017

A magical unicorn first birthday prep

You guys, my baby girl is turning 1 in less than 2 weeks. Is that insane or what? I can't even wrap my head around that. This year seriously flew by. We planned to celebrate her 1st birthday at home like we usually do but as we watched the guest list grow everyday, we decided that renting a spot would be a better idea.

I am so glad that we did because it allowed us to invite everyone that we really wanted to invite. I was scouring pinterest for some ideas and the idea of the unicorn first birthday popped in my feed. At first I thought it was too elaborate then I realized it was actually the most perfect theme. It's our 1st daughter, 1st birthday and our last 1st birthday celebration ever. I mean, all those 1st just screamed unicorn. Add that to the fact that she is our only daughter after 3 boys and we've literally been living on cloud nine since her arrival. I mean, the theme picked itself :).

Emilia started walking a few days before she turned 11 months and has not looked back. How stylish is my little girl with her pink outfit. Those beautiful brown eyes and cheeks for days.
Totally ignoring me but oh so cute. We had such good lighting at the door, she looks like a porcelain doll. Can you peep her brothers in the background eating dinner :)
When I saw this cake, I fell in love with the rainbow unicorn theme. How amazing is this. Our cake won't look quite this elegant because it was going to cost an arm and a leg but I think we'll get something pretty nice in our budget.
How cool is this for a centerpiece. I can't find a unicorn head like that at a reasonable price so I'll probably just go with a backdrop or something like that.
I just love this idea. I got all the balloons and I hope it looks this good
How awesome is this? my friend is going to make these for us. Can't wait to see the final result. These are going to be the centerpieces for the table
How super fun is this? I got some boxes, now to figure out how to do those handles
And this my friends, is what really sold me on the whole unicorn thing. Pink, pink and more pink. I got a pink tulle skirt for the table, some pink candy for decoration. We are also doing rainbow cupcakes and some cookies for desert. I hope it comes together nicely.
And you know how much I love dressing my babies for birthdays. I of course got the boys in on the action. I got the kids matching shirts to go with the theme. How seriously adorable is this. My four are going to look amazing.
When I saw these Toms, I was instantaneously in love. I mean, how perfect is this. I had a different pair for Emilia but I think these pink Toms are just perfect for the occasion. I also got a pair for myself :).
This is the room that we rented. The pink table is going to be the focus and will go where the mirror is right now. We'll have white linens but pink plates to add some colors. I also plan to have balloons everywhere and let the kids take them home at the end of the day. We also booked a magician/balloon maker to entertain the kids during the party and I love that there is plenty of space for the kids to run around.
You guys, pinterest is going to be the death of me. I loved all the ideas I gathered from there but man, it felt like such hard work trying to get everything to come together. I only have to buy a few things to complete the look of the party. I can't wait to see it all come together. I know my baby girl will never remember this birthday party but we will. I also hope this celebration is magical for her as this year with her has been for us.


  1. This is going to be so awesome! Loving all the ideas. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  2. First off, YAY!!! I got an invite to the party and CANNOT WAIT!!! This is going to be one AWESOME party! My oldest is all about unicorns so I know she'll be loving everything!
    Secondly, that year FLEW by! Gosh...I still remember her birth announcement! You really are rocking this whole girl mom thing :-).

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