Saturday, June 17, 2017

We are back

You guys, we are back to blogging and I am super excited about it. I really love blogging and life took a crazy busy turn the last few months and I just couldn't keep up with the blog.

You see, 3 months ago hubby started the job that we had been praying for years. We now work for the same company, which is what we were hoping would happen a few years ago. God answered that prayer in the best possible way. Our commute took a crazy turn for a few months there and adjusting to new jobs is never easy. I also got a lot more responsibilities at work so my work and home life became pretty hectic.

The kids were all going to 4 different places so we had four drop offs and pick ups. You guys, that was like the worst 3 months. We worked in the same building but we didn't carpool because it took 2 hours to drop everybody and actually make it work. Well, Summer started this week and we only have 2 drop offs now, woooohoooo. The big boys go to the same Summer camp and the babies go to the same daycare. It only took us 1 hour to drop everybody and get to work everyday this week. I am a new person :).

While life was being crazy, I didn't blog but I definitely took a gazillion pictures of the family :). You know how I roll. I am going to try to recap what we did because we were still jam packed with activities and trips.

Baby girl grew like a weed during those last few months and she is just getting sweeter and most adorable everyday
After Bean turned 3, he joined the boys in weekly swim lessons. These brothers have the best time together and they also fight like crazy. Do you love their happy smiles here or what?
We also took the boys to see boss baby and they loved it. We plan to take them to the movies more because they are so into them.
My mom and baby girl continue to be the cutest duo :)
We went on an epic trip to Punta Cana with all the kids and we are so lucky that my mom came with us. Chilling with my big boys on the bus and taking selfies as you do
The crew at the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana. We loved this place
This was the gorgeous view from our balcony
Chilling with my four on the balcony. I still pinch myself because I can't believe I made these 4 humans (with hubby and God's help of course ;)).
You know I have wanted to do this from the day we found out about our girl, 3 generations of girls in matching outfit
We of course got slimed Nickelodeon style
My big boys loved every minute of it, Bean was not really about that slime life
My favorite picture of my four kids. Tman - 6, Jbird - 4, Bean - 3, and Emilia - 9 months
I wore matching bathing suits with Emilia the entire trip :). She really is my minime
Bean was so into all the characters and I was so surprised because he is only 3. Copying Spongebob over here
My mom and the kids. I am so thankful for her, she makes raising these little human such a breeze
The highlight of the trip was definitely the ease of meeting all of the boys favorite characters. We enjoyed breakfast with Sponge bob and his friends
We had an amazing time in Punta Cana and I can't wait to recap it all. I love this family of mine, It's always chaotic but we are having the time of our lives
As soon as we got back from Punta Cana, hubby and I took a weekend off without the kids and enjoyed a nice night out in the town
It was a celebration for my birthday and hubby's new job. My mom watched the kids so that we could spend the night in the city and get a break.
I love this guy so much and I am really enjoying doing life with him. We've known each other for ore than 12 years more than a third of our lives so far :)
I went to a baby shower with my mini and we were looking super cute. I just love having a daughter you guys
We traveled to Houston, Texas to attend our cousins college graduations. My mom came of course and we took the babies. Hubby couldn't really get the time off because of the new job and all that. My baby boy Bean enjoyed all the attention I was able to give him. How does he look so grown up already
with my mom and the babies in front of Rice University
We also got to chill with hubby's cousin who lives out there
We also celebrated Jbird's graduation from PreK. Seriously when did my kids get so big. So proud of this kid, he is going to Kindergaten next year. We had a pretty trying year and a half with him and speech delay and lots of concerns but he came through like a champion.
We celebrated Memorial Day, our first as a family of 6. Like seriously, we have a lot of kids and we love it :)
I will try to get caught up with life if I can. I love having this little journal here to look back on. It's good to be back, I have missed this space so much and I definitely missed reading your blogs and what you've been up to. I leave you with the sweetest picture of my little lady.

My happy little girl. I just cannot resist her cuteness


  1. Welcome Back!!! I'm glad I also follow you on instagram!! Love your blog!

    1. YAY, it's good to be back. So glad you are still following along after all these years.

  2. Yay, welcome back! I thought you were done with blogging so I'm glad to see that I was wrong :)

  3. I missed your blogs! I love this recap and of course love all the pictures! Keep em coming.