Monday, August 8, 2016

Emilia's Newborn Pictures

Our newborn pictures are here and they are absolutely amazing. We've used the same photographers for the past 3 years and these girls always deliver. It was a crazy shoot and I had many ideas that did not get used but I am so happy with all the great pictures that we got.

I love that they captured us in this time on our life where everything is crazy and we are in a daze but oh so happy about this half dozen :). They got so many great pictures of our family, here are my favorite shots.

I present to you my absolutely new favorite family picture. The boys were being crazy, jumping around like crazy and wrestling while we tried to get a family picture. The photographers told us to let them and we got this gem

Party of 6, real life with 3 boys and a new baby :)
Despite all the craziness, we did get a perfectly posed family picture :). My whole world right here and I couldn't be happier
We wanted to get a picture of each boy holding their sister but only Tman was calm enough to participate. When baby girl is bigger and can hold her head, we'll try again
 How cute is this :)
 We got some amazing shots of Emilia with her parents

 Then we got a few individual shots of Emilia with each of her parents and my mom

 So much love for this baby girl

 My mom is one happy grandma
 Then of course we attempted a 3 generations picture of just the girls and then with all the kids, be still my heart. I can't wait to get a 4 generations picture with my grandma

After the group pictures, we focused on baby girl and got some amazing shots of our little girl. I wanted lots of sleepy pictures of her but this girl was wide awake when it was time for her close up. I must say, I am in love with this picture with her eyes wide open
We eventually got her to sleep and we got these amazing sleepy shots. This perfect little angel is my daughter you guys :) :) :)

 Our little burrito :)
Shots like these just fill my heart with so much joy
Look at this perfect baby in a basket with her blanket, yay for pink pink and more pink
My other absolute favorite shot right now is this shot of the boys doing their protective detail :). I saw something like this online a few years ago and decided to copy it if we ever had a girl. I think it came out perfectly :)
I highly recommend family pictures and now I am a huge fan of newborn pictures. All the sleepy baby pictures of Emilia gave me all the good feels. I will cherish these for many years to come. It was a bit stressful while we did it but it was worth every minute of the stress. I am so in love with the way our photographers captured our family so perfectly.


  1. This is one of my favorite part off yours. Definitely cuteness overload!

  2. I know you will cherish these pictures. They are all amazing shots!! I tried sleepy newborn pics with my baby girl but she stayed wide awake too.

    Love these! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just beautiful! Love all the pictures! You are one blessed mama!!!