Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jbird is 4 years old

Happy birthday to my second son Jbird who turned 4 on August 15th. Time is seriously playing tricks on me because I blink and another year goes by just like that. Jbird has been the baby that healed our broken hearts from the moment he was conceived. He is a warm and loving kid whose presence just makes you happy. He also has the craziest of meltdowns sometimes but we are communicating now which makes a world of difference.

Just like with Jbird's birthday, we decided that a big party would be too much with an infant and just kept the celebration low key with only family. Luckily for us Jbird doesn't understand dates yet so we were able to celebrate the day before his birthday without him knowing. I had to bribe Tman not to say anything and the whole time he called it Jbird's birthday celebrations :). That Tman I tell you, he is way too smart for his own good.

My beautiful second son who can make you smile the happiest of smiles and the next minute drive you completely crazy
I managed to get a family picture before the party started, check out our half dozen :)
We got the boys bubble guns before the party. I always try to get everyone a small gift that way the birthday boy can enjoy his gifts without the other kids bugging him. Bubble guns are Jbird's favorite so they were a hit
We took the boys outside so that they could enjoy their new gifts but it was just way too hot so we didn't last very long
My cousin Irene hanging out with the boys
We came back inside and let the kids play with their bubbles. My niece was there too. Thank goodness those bubbles are not so messy
They had a ball the entire day with those bubbles I tell you
Tman was super excited to see his aunt Kee and I am so glad I caught this shot
We started by opening a few presents because Jbird was super excited
The joy on my baby's face and can check out all those beautiful curls on my boys

Bean wanted every gift, good thing Jbird didn't mind sharing
Big girl Emilia was looking cute at the party
And everyone wanted a piece of her
That's my girl, I love her so much
My family chilling in the kitchen
After we ate it was time to cut the cake, Jbird loves everything Paw Patrol these days so it was only fitting that we got him a Paw Patrol cake. He loved it
Hubby getting the cake ready for the birthday boy
Love this picture of everyone getting ready for the cake
YAY cake. Can you believe that the camera died right after this so we didn't get a shot of Jbird blowing his candles? I am totally slacking I tell you
Speaking of slacking, the struggle is real when trying to take a picture with all 4 kids. Tman was cooperating, Jbird ran away, Bean wanted me to pick him up and Emilia was just sleeping. I am working on getting the hang of this :). Love these kids of mine
I did manage to get a picture of all the kids with hubby and his dad. They are all in the frame and for now that's all that matters :)
We had a great low key celebration for Jbird's 4th birthday. Next year we'll definitely celebrate in style with our family and friends. We will probably go back to doing a fun joint party for Tman and Jbird. We now have a 6 year old a 4 year old, a 2.5 year old and a 6 weeks old, crazy talk. Happy birthday to my Jbird, the boy who healed our hearts when we needed it the most. We love you to the moon and back.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jbird! Such an awesome celebration of love! How you handle it, I don't know but you are doing great and I love the smiles all around!