Saturday, July 23, 2016

Emilia's newborn shoot - Behind the scenes

We decided that since Emilia was our last baby, we would go all out and have a newborn shoot to capture every moment with this sweet blessing. I always love those sweet sleepy newborn goodness and was hoping for some of those shots. I also wanted to capture our family at this stage of our lives where everything is chaotic and hectic but we are still loving every minute of it.

Our photographers are amazing, they've been taking pictures of our family since we were pregnant with Bean and we absolutely love their work. They came to our house and set up a complete studio. I loved that we didn't have to leave the house with our tiny newborn but rather captured her in our home environment.

They took a lot of pictures and definitely had my vision in mind. I was so in love with the basket shot of my little dainty girl in bows. I took all these shots with my Iphone and I can only imagine how awesome the final product is going to be.

I present to you my current favorite pic of Emilia chilling in a basket with her pink outfit with her eyes wide open
We took a bunch of pictures in our bedroom. Our room looked like this when they set things up
Then we did a few individual shots of Emilia with her parents and grandma
Jbird loves his baby sister and is always checking on her
Me and my girl, my heart is so full

My mom is one proud grandma
My baby getting her picture taken, she is such a doll
After we were done upstairs, we all went downstairs and the photographers focused on getting some individual shots of our girl.

I love this picture where you can see the boys in the background with hubby while Emilia is in the foreground getting prepped
They changed her in a variety of outfit and bows and took the time to calm her along the way when she got cranky.

Now you see why I love working with these girls, they are just so loving towards the kids
Another basket shot of our sweet girl and her blanket
I absolutely cannot wait to see the final result. Emilia was a mere 8 days old when we did this photoshoot and she handled it so well. I am looking forward to updating pictures in our house to include our baby girl.


  1. Beautiful!!! I too love the newborn stage where the eyes aren't quite focused and the stare is so "newborn." Enjoy this short stage of their lives. You'll blink your eyes and Emilia will be 18 years old. That's how quick it goes.

  2. Where is the love button. These pics are beautiful.

  3. I love these "behind the scenes" shots. I never think to do this! Can't wait to see the final product!

  4. She is so, so adorable! And I love all the pink :) And I'm with the comment above. Love that you did a behind the scene! It's nice to know what's happening behind creating the beautiful pictures!

  5. Oh she is a cutie! So glad you got your girl. I have a cousin with two girls and she just found out she's having a 3rd. She wanted a boy.