Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend fun - what we've been up to

Our past 3 weekends have been so busy and fun that I have been so behind on recapping them. It's about time I get caught up. As soon as we came back from Mexico we went in full Summertime fun mode as you do, there is no rest for the wicked in our family.

One of the weekends we decided to play tourists and check out the monuments in DC. If you ever travel to the capital, you absolutely must do this :). My cousin came up with the great idea of putting everyone in their Redskins' shirts and take lots of fun shots with the monument while representing our team. Football season is a month away, but of course that is a great idea.

We started with the White House
We are such tourists, please don't mind us
My nephew Ian is visiting from Canada. We took him along for the ride. Ian and Tman are the best of friends, they are only 6 weeks apart and have so much fun together. Doing crazy things at the White House, that's how they roll
My aunt also came along for the ride :)
Tman and Ian at the World War II memorial
We also stopped by the Washington monument, tallest building in DC
And because we don't always look put together, a crazy picture with the kids
This was my favorite, minutes after Jbird almost ran into the pool we got everyone to chill for a second and my aunt captured this amazing shot
My boys are busy and a handful but I absolutely love sharing these amazing moments with them.

We've also been living and loving water this Summer. We bought passes to a local splash park a mere 6 minutes away from home so I make it a point to take the boys as much as I can. Luckily for me my cousin also loves water play and hanging out with the boys.
Ian and Tman doing their thing in the water
One of the weekends we attended a birthday party for my friend L. Her daughter turned 3 and she took us on a train ride before the party. The boys loved it. Hanging out with the crew before we left. Check out my cousin and Jbird in the background. How cute are those two?
While we were on the train, Tman and Ian decided to do crazy faces with me, these kids are a riot
We tried to take a group picture with all the kids and craziness ensued. That's what happens when the kids outnumber the adults
Hubby joined an outdoor soccer league and we went to see him play. We left Bean at home because I knew I would be crazy chasing 3 kids by myself but I am thinking that I will definitely bring him next time. Check out hubby during his game
Tman and Jbird playing on the sidelines
We had a picnic for dinner and though we missed hubby's spectacular goal (his words), it was fun to watch him play
After dinner the boys were back to running around chasing the ball
We had such an awesome night and of course had to take a group shot before we left :)
Two weekends ago, my bestie Deb was visiting her parents about 3 hours away from us. Since she now lives in Colorado, we don't get a chance to see her often. The last time we hung out was at her wedding a year ago. We decided to take the boys on a road trip to hang out with her while she was within a reasonable distance of us.

Her parents have an awesome pool in their backyard so pool party it was. It was a beautiful sunny day and the boys loved every minute of it.

Check out the boys in the pool

Hubby took a group shot of us in the water
Deb has a beautiful daughter, she enjoyed hanging out with Tyler
This was my favorite picture, Tman was jumping everywhere and he wanted me to be in the water ready to catch him. I love that you can see everyone in this picture
Oh yeah they had an awesome tub and we definitely took advantage of that
Tman was a jumping fool
The minute we got in the car, the boys passed out. A day well spent if you ask me
The next day we had brunch with them before hitting the road. I wish we could have spent more time hanging out and catching up. That was another great weekend for our family.

This past weekend we celebrated Tman and Jbird turning 5 and 3 with an awesome birthday party (that deserve a post of its own). After the party, we checked out a nearby drive-in theater. You guys, that was quite an experience. We wanted to take the boys to a movie with us and hubby had never been to one. It was such an awesome experience and a great way to watch a movie with all the kids in tow. I didn't take any pictures of that adventure but it was definitely worth the trip

On Sunday we went back to the splash park, trying to make the most of that membership. My mom came with us since we had 4 kids between my cousin and I. The splash park is always a guaranteed fun time.

Our crew at the splash park, my nephew Ian is hilarious
Ian and Tman loving the water
The boys going down the slide on the tube

Even Bean joined in on the fun
My boys are so awesome
Hanging out with Irene, we are such posers I know
I love this crew of mine and the fact that they make the most of every fun activity

After the splash park we went shopping with the crew. It was hectic to say the least but I just love taking the boys out to do fun things with us.

Because my nephew Ian asked to match with the boys the last time we were hanging out, I got him his own Redskins shirt. He was ecstatic. When I asked he how he liked matching with his cousins, his response was "I don't like it, I love it" with the biggest grin. It's the little things in life

We've had a few busy weekends under our belt and things aren't letting up for a few weeks. I have nothing major planned in September and I plan to keep it that way (hopefully). I think we are all caught up with life events. Looking at all the pictures made me thankful to have an awesome support system that allows me to care for my boys while still having loads of fun. I cherish all these pictures as they capture moments in time spent enjoying each others company. What fun things are you doing this Summer?


  1. Love the outfit pics in the memorial pool...beautiful! And you always manage to pack in such fun moments with the boys...I love that about you guys!

  2. Oh wow. You sure do live a busy life but I love it. You're definitely blessed with a good support system.
    I'll have to get the details on the waterpark from you for next year. Looks like lots of fun!

  3. Oh wow. You sure do live a busy life but I love it. You're definitely blessed with a good support system.
    I'll have to get the details on the waterpark from you for next year. Looks like lots of fun!